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Front Office Directory

Seattle Mariners
Safeco Field
1250 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 346 –4001
E –mail:

  • Board of Directors

    Howard Lincoln, Chairman; John Ellis, Chairman Emeritus; Minoru Arakawa, Chris Larson, Wayne Perry, Frank Shrontz, Buck Ferguson
  • Executives

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
    Howard Lincoln
    President & Chief Operating Officer
    Kevin Mather
    Chairman Emeritus
    John Ellis
    Chairman, NW Sports Net LLC (ROOT Sports NW)
    Bob Aylward
    Executive Assistant – Chairman, President & Ownership
    Teresa Dugger
  • Baseball Operations

    Executive Vice President & GM - Baseball Operations
    Jack Zduriencik
    Assistant General Manager
    Jeff Kingston
    Senior Advisor to the General Manager
    Ted Simmons
    Special Assistant to the GM
    Roger Hansen, Joe McIlvaine, Pete Vuckovich
    Director - Amateur Scouting
    Tom McNamara
    Director - Pro Scouting
    Tom Allison
    Director - Player Development
    Chris Gwynn
    Director - International Operations
    Tim Kissner
    Director - Team Travel
    Ron Spellecy
    Pro Scouting - Central Supervisor / Special Assistant to the GM
    Ken Madeja
    Pro Scouting - Eastern Supervisor
    Bill Masse
    Pro Scouting - Western Supervisor
    Duane Shaffer
    Coordinator - Special Projects International
    Ted Heid
    Director - Dominican Republic Administration
    Martin Valerio
    Supervisor - Dominican Republic Scouting & Operations
    Eddy Toledo
    Supervisor - Venezuelan Scouting & Operations
    Emilio Carrasquel
    Coordinator - Video Advance Scouting
    Andrew Percival
    Manager - Baseball Operations
    Caleb Peiffer
    Executive Administrative Assistant - Baseball Operations
    Debbie Larsen
    Administrator - Scouting
    Hallie Larson
    Administrator - Player Development
    Jan Plein
    Major League Performance Specialist
    James Clifford, Chad Uihlein
    Medical Director
    E. Edward Khalfayan, M.D.
    Team Physician
    Mitchel Storey, D.O.
    Senior Director of Athletic Training
    Rick Griffin
    Athletic Trainers
    Rob Nodine, Yoshihiro Nakazawa
    Assistant Athletic Trainer - Rehab
    Matt Toth
    Visiting Clubhouse Manager
    Ted Walsh
    Home Clubhouse Manager
    Ryan Stiles
    Assistant Clubhouse Managers
    Billy Sepich, Pete Fortune
    Video Coordinator
    Jimmy Hartley
    Assistant Video Coordinator
    Craig Manning
    Antony Suzuki
    Bullpen Catcher
    Jason Phillips
    Batting Practice Pitcher
    Scott Budner
    Baseball Operations Analyst
    Wesley Battle
    Assistant, Amateur Scouting
    Kenny Wade
    Assistant, Professional Scouting
    Jordan Bley
    Quantitative Analyst
    Jesse Smith
    Assistant, Player Development
    Jack Mosimann
    Amateur Scouting Analyst
    Anthony Aloisi
    Assistant, Video Advance Scouting
    Emanuel Sifuentes
  • Business Operations

    Executive Vice President – Business Operations
    Bob Aylward
  • Corporate Business & Sales, Community Relations

    Vice President - Corporate Business & Community Relations
    Joe Chard
    Senior Director - Corporate Business
    Ingrid Russell-Narcisse
    Senior Director - Community Relations
    Gina Hasson
    Manager - Corporate Business
    Maureen Atkins
    Manager - Corporate Business
    Evan Harding
    Account Executive
    Mike Farrington, Bill Aanenson, Tim Sexton, Kevin Williams
    Manager - Community Programs
    Sean Grindley
    Coordinator - Client Services
    Kristin Harwood
    Manager - Community Relations
    Jeri Baer
    Coordinator - Community Services
    Demetrius Grant
    Coordinator - Community and Client Services
    Korey Traynor
    Administrative Assistant- Client Services
    Melissa Wallace
    Executive Administrative Assistant
    Judy Vaught
  • Sales

    Vice President - Sales
    Frances Traisman
    Director - Ticket Sales
    Cory Carbary
    Director - Group Business Development
    Bob Hellinger
    Senior Manager - Customer Engagement
    Nicholette Larson
    Manager - Client Sales & Service
    Tami Tomsic
    Sales Business Analyst
    Joe Chang
    Manager - Premium Sales
    Jonathan Kelley
    Manager - Group Events
    Elizabeth McCloskey
    Manager - Group Sales
    Marc Mahoney
    Premium Sales
    Brett Breece, JP Ryan
    Senior Account Manager - Client Services
    Chuck Viltz, Jill Dahlen
    Account Executives - Season Ticket Sales
    Mike Aceto, Dennis da Silva, Alex Dadisman, Mike Mendolia, Ben Thielsen
    Account Executives - Group Sales
    Alan Just, Brady Miletich, Jordan Paul
    Marketing Specialist Group - Events
    Max Manix
    Coordinator - Ticket Sales Event and Marketing
    Abbey Rarick
    Coordinator - Season Ticket and Suite Sales
    Ben Chertok
    Client Sales & Service Associates
    Brett Braman, Michael Siefert, Jarrett Foote, Josh Maurice
  • Communications

    Senior Vice President - Communications
    Randy Adamack
    Senior Director - Baseball Information
    Tim Hevly
    Director - Public Information
    Rebecca Hale
    Director - Graphic Design
    Carl Morton
    Assistant Director - Baseball Information
    Jeff Evans
    Manager - Baseball Information
    Kelly Munro
    Manager - Baseball Information
    Fernando AlcalĂ 
    Manager - Graphic Design
    Katie Abram
    Coordinator - Broadcasting/Marketing
    Carissa Hunt
    Executive Producer/Engineer, Radio
    Kevin Cremin
    Television Director
    Mark Engelbrekt
    Radio/TV Broadcasters
    Rick Rizzs, Aaron Goldsmith, Dave Sims, Mike Blowers
  • Marketing

    Vice President - Marketing
    Kevin Martinez
    Senior Director - Marketing
    Gregg Greene
    Director - Mariners Productions
    Ben Mertens
    Manager - Game Entertainment & Special Events
    Michael Ferguson
    Manager - Marketing
    Camden Finney
    Manager - Marketing
    Mandy Lincoln
    Manager - Digital Marketing
    Nathan Rauschenberg
    Multimedia Producer
    Olav Nossum
    Video Editor
    Chase Decker
    Public Address Announcer
    Tom Hutyler
  • Legal & Governmental Affairs

    Executive Vice President, Legal & Governmental Affairs (General Counsel)
    Bart Waldman
    Associate General Counsel
    Melissa Mathews
    Senior Director, Transportation Planning and Neighborhood Relations
    Susan Ranf
    Executive Administrative Assistant
    Susan Harsh
  • Human Resources

    Senior Vice President - Human Resources
    Marianne Short
    Senior Director - Compensation & Benefits Administration
    Shirley Shreve
    Director - Internal Audit Operations
    Connie McKay
    Director - Human Resources
    Jeremy Weir
    Senior Manager - Payroll
    Ginger Oldham
    Manager - Workers Compensation and Liability
    Therese Baxter
    Reception Desk
    Bonnie Leathley, Tari Elliott
    Human Resources Project Manager
    Tara Bologna
    Scheduling Coordinator
    Michael Halcomb
    Workers Compensation Administrator
    Linda Race
  • Finance & Ballpark Operations

    President & Chief Operating Officer
    Kevin Mather
  • Finance

    Vice President - Finance
    Tim Kornegay
    Greg Massey
    Senior Accountant
    Teri Arguello
    Vault Manager/Sr. Accountant
    Terry Jemtegaard
    Accounts Payable Supervisor
    Danny Cifaldi
    Executive Assistant - Finance
    JuliAnne Smasne
  • Ballpark Events & Operations

    Vice President - Ballpark Operations
    Senior Director - Ballpark Operations
    Tony Pereira
    Senior Director - Engineering and Maintenance
    Joe Myhra
    Director - Guest Services
    Brent Miller
    Director - Security
    Sylvester Servance
    Director - Ballpark Sales and Marketing
    Alisia Anderson
    Manager - Ballpark Operations
    Michael Hilburn
    Event Manager
    Hayley Ramerman
    Assistant - Events
    Ngoc Do
    Manager - Security
    Erik Hackmann
    Manager - Event Security
    Tom Huslig
    Manager - Operations
    Amy Swisher
    Head Groundskeeper
    Bob Christofferson
    Assistant Head Groundskeepers
    Tim Wilson, Leo Liebert
    Building Electricians
    Paul Fuller, Dave Gustafson, David Temby
    Building Plumbers
    Kenny Stanton, Jamie Whittaker
    Facility Painter
    Claude Beal
    Roof Operations
    Vance Akres, Rob Wolford
    Maintenance Specialist
    Chris Corsi, Dave Randolph
    HVAC Technicians
    Ron Patton, Chris Hunsaker, Steve Monson, Derek Neligan
    Concrete Technician
    Christopher McDaniels, Matthew Webb
    Daryl Chadderdon, Frank Diss, Ed Mumphrey, Mark Oliverio, Zac Price, Louis Newsom, Gerry Myklebust, Don Henneke, Charles White, Joe Gerhart, Rick Sheridan
    Administrative Assistant - Ballpark Operations
    Lisa McLeod
    Administrative Assistant - Event Services
    Susan Gilbertson
    Administrative Assistant - Engineering/Maintenance
    Drew Miller
  • Information Services

    Vice President - Information Services
    David Curry
    Director - Information Systems
    Oliver Roy
    Director - Database and Applications
    Justin Stolmeier
    Manager - Systems Administrator
    Ben Nakamura
    Network Engineer
    John Crestanello
    Dexter Closterman, David Parrott
    Applications Developer
    Shelley Separovich
    Manager - Audio & Video Engineering
    Yezmin Blue
    Video Maintenance Technician
    Scott Thomas
    Audio Supervisor
    Mathew Buck
  • Procurement

    Director - Procurement
    Norma CantĂș
    Procurement Manager/Buyer
    Casey Tager
    Manager - Shipping & Receiving
    Juan Oarbeascoa
    Procurement Assistant Buyer
    Brian Colbo
    Office Services Coordinator
    Jim Reha
    Warehouse Assistant
    Jim Herdman, Jim Watson
  • Merchandising

    Senior Director - Retail Operations
    Jim LaShell
    Director - Retail Merchandising
    Julie McGillivray
    Director - Retail Stores
    Craig Geffrey
    Manager - Game Used & Memorabilia Buyer
    Shawn Wert
    Manager - Retail Marketing/Buyer
    Renee Steyh
    Manager - Distribution Center
    Patrick O'Connor
    Manager - Safeco Field Team Store
    Mary Beeman
    Manager - Safeco Field Souvenirs
    Kelly Walsh
    Managers - Team Store
    Donald Darnbrough, Chris French, Ryan Mahoney
    Assistant Manager - Team Store
    Jackie Cram
    Assistant - Team Store Merchandise
    Lindsay Cook
    Assistant - Distribution Center
    Jordan Seiber
  • Ticket Services

    Senior Director - Ticket and Parking Operations
    Malcolm Rogel
    Director - Ticket Services
    Jennifer Sweigert
    Manager - Group/Suite Ticket Services
    Steve Belling
    Ticket Coordinator
    Lincoln Loeber
    Box Office Manager
    Bob Brunner
    Box Office Coordinator
    Leah Mitchell
    Ticket Services Coordinator
    Tracy Koletzky
    Parking Supervisor
    Jerry Johnson