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Distribution Guidelines
  1. Guests must be in attendance and produce a valid same day game ticket upon entry to receive an item. Tickets are deemed invalid if ticket stub is detached or if ticket has already been marked for items received.
  2. Only one item per person, per valid game day ticket, per valid entry through the gate.
  3. All guests must meet the age qualifications for items to be eligible for the giveaway.
  4. For kids giveaways including all fans and 13 and under items, child must have a valid same day game ticket to receive an item. All non-ticketed guests under 36 inches will not be eligible for an item. To ensure a child receives the item, please secure a ticket for each child in attendance.
  5. Please be sure to receive your item upon entry into the ballpark prior to leaving the distribution area. To limit fraudulent claims, guests approaching the distribution area or distribution staff after they have cleared the distribution area will be denied an item.
  6. The Rangers are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  7. Please inspect all items upon receipt for damages. If your item is broken or damaged, please see a Rangers staff member immediately to exchange for another item. Exchanges will be made subject to the availability of items.

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