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In-Kind Donation Request Program

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Thank you for your interest in the Pittsburgh Pirates. We are proud to be an integral part of our community, supporting the efforts of various non-profit organizations and the outstanding work they do. The Pirates are asked to support thousands of worthwhile charitable causes and events each year and we make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible.

In order to preserve paper and maximize efficiency, we are using an online donation request system. Therefore, all donation requests must be submitted online using our Online In-Kind Donation Request Form.

Before submitting your in-kind donation request, please ensure that your request fits within our guidelines:

  • Requests must be submitted and received at least four (4) weeks before an event.
  • The Pirates can only donate to charitable organizations in the Greater Pittsburgh Community and the tri-state region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.
  • Due to the volume of requests, the Pirates must limit organizations to one donation per calendar year.
  • Donations are for fundraising and charitable purposes only. We cannot provide sales incentives, corporate gifts or donations to for-profit entities.
  • The Pirates are unable to accept items to be autographed.

If we are able to fulfill your request, complimentary tickets to a Pirates home game will be mailed a minimum of one (1) week in advance of your event.

Online In-Kind Donation Request Form »
We wish you the best of luck with your charitable and fundraising efforts!
  • The online donation form must be completed in order to be considered. Missing information may result in a denial of the request.
  • The Pirates do not provide financial sponsorship for a cause, individual or organization (i.e. purchase of program ads or sponsored tables).
  • We are unable to accept follow-up phone calls for the status of your request; all communication from the Pirates will come via email.
  • Due to limited inventory, we will not be able to provide promotional items in quantity for distribution at fundraising events, meetings or for travel team gift exchanges.
  • Decorations or donations for parties, reunions or sports-themed rooms cannot be fulfilled.
  • We are not permitted to donate to online or radio auctions or raffles.
Online In-Kind Donation Request Form »