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Phillies Ballgirls

2017 Ballgirls

The Philadelphia Phillies are on the lookout for next season's Ballgirls; the deadline to apply is March 1.
Full Details

The Phillies Ballgirls are ambassadors for the Phillies both on and off the field. They represent educated, athletic and energetic women who hope to serve as role models in professional sports for young girls.

Each year, the Phillies Ballgirls make over 150 off-field appearances including TV and radio as well as school visits, nursing home visits, golf and bowling tournaments and fashion shows. They also play softball games and tournaments which all have a charity element.

The Ballgirls are also involved in the Phillies' environmental initiatives by captaining the Red Goes Green Team.

Ballgirl Blog

Get the scoop with "Down the Line," a blog written by the Ballgirls where they share their experiences.

Schedule an appearance

To schedule the Ballgirls for an appearance, e-mail Michele DeVicaris.

Victoria Katie Becca Amanda Kristina Lindsay Fehran Katelyn Brittany Bonnie Bridgette Emily McKenzie Perrin Patti Jess