• Players on the Yankees are spreading hope to people across New York, personally reaching out to the community during the third annual Yankees HOPE (Helping Others Persevere & Excel) Week (Yankees.com). Nick Swisher, Russell Martin, Francisco Cervelli and Chris Dickerson hit Broadway for some Backstreet Boys-inspired singing and dancing during a benefit concert for Daniel's Music Foundation on Monday (Yankees.com), and Curtis Granderson, Phil Hughes and Mariano Rivera spent Tuesday at South Street Seaport with kids from Tuesday's Children, an organization that supports youth who lost parents in the Sept. 11 terror attacks (NY Daily News). "More than anything, it's about giving back. That's what HOPE Week stands for," said Swisher. "To be able to come here and to enjoy this with all these kids and people, it's just an amazing time. My smile hasn't left my face since we got here." (The New York Times).

• Breaking news: After a one-hitter from CC Sabathia on a career-high 14 strikeout night in the Bronx (MLB.com), Ervin Santana tossed the game of his life with a no-hitter against the Indians on Wednesday (MLB.com). Said Santana after the game, "I just want to dedicate this no-hitter to my cousin, who just passed away." (MLB.com)

• What started as a Mantis vs. Marlin showdown (Twitter) ended as the start of a beautiful friendship for Logan Morrison (Twitter).

• Derek Holland of the Rangers wants you "keep your thumbs on the wheel" and make the pledge to avoid texting while driving. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

• Tigers rookie Chance Ruffin pitches fastballs on the mound and jokes in the clubhouse. One of Ruffin's zingers: "What do you call a flying monkey? A hot air baboon!" (Detroit Free Press)

• Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon is armed and dangerous with a fastball, a slider and a few ripe tomatoes. (MLB.com)

• Preparing for an upcoming series? Studying the tendencies of tomorrow's opposing pitcher? Breaking down your swing? If you're a Major Leaguer, there's an app for that. (ESPN.com)

Tweet of the Day: "Heading to the Players Trust City Clinic in a little while. #allaboutthekids" -- The Cardinals' Daniel Descalso (@Daniel Descalso) and re-tweeted by teammate Jon Jay. Descalso and Jay joined fellow Cardinals players Mitchell Boggs, Kyle Lohse, Lance Lynn, Nick Punto and Colby Rasmus to teach a free hands-on baseball clinic for 200 underprivileged St. Louis-area kids on Wednesday. (Players Trust)

Quote of the Day: "He's a cool cat. He was more human than I thought he would be. I was definitely surprised how normal the president of the United States is. He wasn't as tall as I thought he'd be, as a basketball-fanatic type of guy. But he's still taller than I am." -- Giants reliever Sergio Romo on meeting President Barack Obama (San Francisco Chronicle). The president welcomed the Giants to the White House on Monday to celebrate their 2010 World Series victory (MLB.com). President Obama showed off his sense of humor amid the eclectic bunch of big leaguers, telling Tim Lincecum, "America learned sometimes it's a good idea to bet on the skinny guy. So, you and me." (USA Today). Brian Wilson, clad in a navy suit, also received a shoutout from the president, who admitted his own fear of the beard and quipped, "You should know that Michelle was very relieved that the press was going to be talking about what somebody else wears here in the White House, so that it's not just her making a fashion statement."