• Robinson Cano and his pitcher, father Jose, connected for a dozen home runs -- a final round record -- to lead Big Papi's Beasts of the East over the Best of the West in the Home Run Derby (MLB.com). "I don't want to say that I won the trophy. I want to say that my dad has won the trophy," said a proud Cano of the father-son effort. "Can we split the trophy half and half?" The players combined to launch 95 balls into the seats, prompting a $603,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, $150,000 to American League team captain David Ortiz's namesake children's fund and $25,000 to National League team captain Prince Fielder's charity of choice, the Ronald McDonald House. (MLB.com)

• So how did home run champ Robinson Cano celebrate his sweet Derby victory? With a McDonald's Happy Meal, courtesy of David Ortiz, of course. Runner-up Adrian Gonzalez didn't go away empty handed. He got the Happy Meal toy. (USA Today)

• Prince Fielder also got a pretty good consolation prize: All-Star Game MVP. (MLB.com)

• All-Star Brian Wilson took home the weekend's Mr. Sartorialist award for pairing orca socks, featuring "the most famous orca of our lifetime: Shamu, of course," (USA Today) with the most awesome cleats of all time. (Yahoo! Sports)

• Heath Bell made his All-Star entrance from the bullpen to "Enter Slideman." (MLB.com)

• Are you in? Curtis Granderson, a superstar on the field as well as off, is just one of the Major Leaguers committed to making their communities a better place through the Players Trust and the Action Team (MLB.com). To see what your favorite big leaguers are doing to help those in need, check out MLB.com/pa/trust/ and actionteam.org.

• According to the Yankees, Andruw Jones is the best dressed, Boone Logan is the Yankee most likely to have a deer mounted above his mantel, Mark Teixeira would take home the money on "Jeopardy!", Bartolo Colon is the reigning heavyweight arm-wrestling champion and Curtis Granderson is most likely to be president. (The Wall Street Journal)

• Da dum. Da dum. Dadumdadumdadum! It's almost Shark Week, and if you snap a picture of Nationals outfielder Roger "The Shark" Bernadina chowing down on fish tacos, you could win free burritos for a year. (The Washington Post)

• Check in with Buster Posey as he rehabs his ankle in this sneak peek from "The Franchise: A Season With the San Francisco Giants," which starts airing July 13 at 10 p.m. on Showtime. (YouTube)

Tweet of the Day: "Saw @BrianWilson38 eating dinner, told the waiter to send him "the girliest possible drink on the menu." #gotemboys" -- Rangers left-hander and AL All-Star C.J.Wilson (@str8edgeracer)

Quote of the Day: "Baseball is timeless. You have all the stories that made this game what it is. When times have been bad, people could always fall back on baseball. It's a pretty easy game to play if you get everyone together. There's a ton of history. It's just a great game." -- Reds right fielder Jay Bruce on what makes the game great. (The Arizona Republic)