Our new stadium, Target Field, is a first-class facility. They did everything right. From what fans can't see -- the clubhouse, the weight room, the batting cages -- to the things they can see, it's just amazing. The first time I took the field there, I just couldn't believe it was going to be my new home stadium.

We played two exhibition games before coming to Los Angeles to begin the regular season. It was still hard to believe we were playing outdoors in Minnesota. It felt like we were on a road trip. A lot of us around here weren't sure that day would ever come.

Getting a couple of exhibition games under our belt there was a big plus. It will help us get comfortable in our new surroundings and settle into our routines a little bit sooner. We have so many facilities at our disposal -- the weight room, therapy pools and all of the other amenities. We were trying everything without concern about tiring out ourselves before the exhibition games.

When we get back for the home opener, we'll settle in even more. It's easier when you know how to get to the clubhouse and how to get to the field in your own park. It'll start to feel a lot more like home as each game passes.

A lot of people want to know how the park will play, but it will take a lot more than two exhibition games to get a real good feel for that. The wind was really swirling, and it was hard to tell when it was blowing in and when it was blowing out. I'm hoping it plays as a good hitter's park once it warms up a little.

People tend to make a big deal out of the weather in Minnesota, especially at the start and end of a season. It's no different than playing in places like Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. You even get a lot of bad weather -- in the form of rain -- in Miami. That forces a lot of rainouts and canceled batting practices.

Weather is something almost every team has to deal with in some manner. We'll make the best of it, and when there are those times that we have to wait, we'll wait. Waiting in our nice new clubhouse won't be so difficult.

The Twins and first baseman Justin Morneau officially open new Target Field on April 12 against the Red Sox. Morneau, now in his eighth year with Minnesota, was the American League MVP in 2006 and has hit 30 home runs three times in the last four seasons.