Our ultimate goal is to make the playoffs, and we know it isn't going to be easy. At the very least, we want to go out and make things interesting, but our sights are set on pushing hard to get to the postseason.

We know what team we will be chasing, and we know what team we will be chasing them with. Philly is in first right now, and Atlanta has played really well lately, so you can't forget those guys. It's a tough division.

Our primary concern is on what we have to do as a group, though. If we do that, things will take care of themselves. Our core is very good, and if we stick to our game plan, we should be able to make a run.

I don't think we have too much to complain about. Our starting pitching has been coming around. We've also swung the bats well in key spots as of late. Defensively, we have made improvements in the field. As long as we continue to get better, we should be fine.

This team is young, but we do have some older players here this year, and I like that. Since I've been here, we've always been pretty young. Now, I think it's a good mix.

With dynamic core players like Hanley Ramirez, we have the skill level and the talent. On the mound, we've been led by Josh Johnson. He has been unbelievable this year. J.J. is a great story, and I couldn't be happier for him, especially considering where he's come from.

It wasn't that long ago that Josh was returning from Tommy John surgery. The success he's enjoyed could not have gone to a better guy. He works hard and deserves all the success he's having. He's a fun guy to be around, and he's a fun guy to watch on the mound.

Josh has a streak of 14 quality starts. That is impressive, but it is what you come to expect out of him. He's just that good.

After a rough start to his 2009 season, Ricky Nolasco is 6-3 with a 2.73 ERA in nine starts since returning after a brief stint in the Minors. His Marlins are currently tied with Atlanta for second place in the NL East, five games back of the first-place Phillies and three games behind the Wild Card-leading Rockies.