The demand for David Wright baseball cards continues to grow as he produces big numbers for the New York Mets.

But the third baseman rooted for another great player at his position growing up. He also admired a special card of a Hall of Fame pitcher. Wright grew up in a card-collecting family. His father, Ron Wright, now assistant police chief in their hometown of Norfolk, Va., got him started in the hobby.

Wright remembered the special cards he had. What was the most interesting card you and your father had?

Wright: The most valued card I had was a Nolan Ryan rookie from 1966. It actually was a gift. One of my father's friends was a big-time card collector. So, for a gift one year, he gave him the Nolan Ryan card. It was pretty expensive. You're looking at a card worth that much money. You can't fathom that little card is worth that kind of money. [Ryan] was kind of finishing up his career, so I was more of a fan of the younger players coming up. Who were your favorite players you collected?

Wright: When I was younger, I liked Cal Ripken Jr. So I collected all the Cal Ripken Jr. and Ken Griffey Jr. cards I could. Those two were probably my favorite cards.

I enjoyed the way Griffey played the game -- always had fun, blowing bubbles, smiling, laughing, having a good time. That attracted me. Were you a Mets fan with their Triple-A team in your hometown?

Wright: Yes. I was a big fan of HoJo [Howard Johnson], Straw [Darryl Strawberry]. Those were two my favorites growing up. I tried to get complete sets done and put them in order. My father, before I'd go get another pack, would make me put them in order and put them in a box. Where are the cards now?

Wright: Probably in my father's attic. I'm sure we've got boxes full. Where did you appear on your first card?

Wright: Rookie League in Kingsport [Tenn.]. I looked 18, well, because I was at the time. What's your favorite big-league card now?

Wright: I like them all.

-- Red Line Editorial