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Posted 7/16/12 at 6:00 AM

Watch Billy Hamilton go inside-the-park in less than 14 seconds

Wrap your mind around this fact: Reds shortstop prospect Billy Hamilton has stolen 109 bases in 87 games this season.

By comparison, none of the top 10 active Major League career steals leaders ever swiped more than 66 bags in a single Minor League campaign. Neither did Michael Bourn, Mike Trout or Brett Gardner. Dee Gordon stole 73 in '09, but even that total required 131 games. So Hamilton has serious wheels.

Cincinnati's No. 1 prospect, who recently moved up to Double-A, also has two homers this season -- only one of which left the yard. Check out his second "blast" of 2012 below if you'd like to a see a human run 360 feet, from home to home, in less than 14 seconds.

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