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11/07/11 3:15 PM EST

Votto, Cueto, Heisey receive MLB.com awards

Phillips also picks up Gold Glove and Silver Slugger at second

Another big season has earned first baseman Joey Votto the Reds' Performer of the Year Award, as selected by MLB.com.

Votto, the reigning National League MVP, batted .309 with 29 home runs and 103 RBIs in his second straight All-Star season. He led the NL with 110 walks, 40 doubles and a .416 on-base percentage, and set career highs for games played (161) and plate appearances (719).

It's the kind of "down year" most players dream of. Votto was coming off a 2010 in which he hit 15 points higher, drove in 10 more runs and hit eight more homers. Most importantly, the Reds won the NL Central in '10. In '11, they finished third, 17 games behind the first-place Brewers.

Team Awards 2011

"It was a very challenging year for me in a lot of different ways," Votto said. "But I generally feel I got better. I did more with less."

As selected by MLB.com, awards have been designated in three categories -- Pitcher, Performer and Breakout Player -- for each of the 30 teams. Also honored was MLB.com's Reds Pitcher of the Year, Johnny Cueto, who was sidelined at the start of the season by shoulder inflammation and at the end of the season by a strained lat muscle. The latter flareup cost Cueto a shot at the NL ERA title -- he needed only six more innings to qualify.

Instead, Cueto settled for a 9-5 record with a 2.31 ERA in 156 innings. He pitched three of the Reds' four complete games (Bronson Arroyo had the other), and his 1.090 WHIP was best in their starting rotation.

"Hopefully, next year, he can be a 200-innings guy," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. "It's a good feeling when you have Johnny Cueto every fifth day. The team feels confident. I can manage a little differently the day before knowing he's going to go deep in games and I probably won't use my bullpen. That's huge."

The Reds' Breakout Player was Chris Heisey, the 26-year-old who batted .254 with 18 homers and 50 RBIs in 120 games, including 54 starts in the outfield.

The list of other Reds award winners was led by second baseman Brandon Phillips, who became the first Cincinnati second baseman to win a Silver Slugger Award since it was introduced in 1980, and the first Reds player to win a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger in the same season since shortstop Barry Larkin in 1996.

Votto also won a Gold Glove Award at first base and thanked Reds bench coach Chris Speier in a statement.

Phillips was asked to rank the honors, and he didn't hesitate: Silver Slugger first, Gold Glove second.

"Winning the Silver Slugger is probably one of the biggest things that's ever happened to me," he said.

Phillips led NL second basemen with a .300 batting average, 183 hits, 279 total bases, 94 runs scored and 38 doubles. He finished tied for fourth in homers (18) and second in OPS (.810). Only Pittsburgh's Neil Walker had more RBIs (83 to 82), and only the Dodgers' Jamey Carroll had a better on-base percentage (.359 to .353).

Phillips joked that he made room at home for the Gold Glove Award, but did not plan ahead for the Silver Slugger. He'd like to add one more piece of hardware before his career is over.

"I'm still on a mission," he said. "I want a ring now. ... Seeing the Cardinals win it on TV, it hurt my heart a little bit."

National Awards
MVP Roberto Clemente Award ROY
Ernie Lombardi 1938 Pete Rose 1976 Frank Robinson 1956
Bucky Walters 1939 Barry Larkin 1993 Pete Rose 1963
Frank McCormick 1940 Tommy Helms 1966
Frank Robinson 1961 Johnny Bench 1968
Johnny Bench 1970 Pat Zachry 1976
Johnny Bench 1972 Chris Sabo 1988
Pete Rose 1973 Scott Williamson 1999
Joe Morgan 1975
Joe Morgan 1976
George Foster 1977
Barry Larkin 1995
Joey Votto 2010
Manager of Year Rawlings Gold Glove Silver Slugger
Jack McKeon 1999 Roy McMillan 1957 George Foster 1981
Frank Robinson 1958 Dave Concepcion 1981
Roy McMillan 1958 Dave Concepcion 1982
Harvey Haddix 1958 Dave Parker 1985
Roy McMillan 1959 Dave Parker 1986
Vada Pinson 1961 Eric Davis 1987
Johnny Edwards 1963 Barry Larkin 1988
Johnny Edwards 1964 Eric Davis 1989
Leo Cardenas 1965 Barry Larkin 1989
Johnny Bench 1968 Barry Larkin 1990
Pete Rose 1969 Barry Larkin 1991
Johnny Bench 1969 Barry Larkin 1992
Johnny Bench 1970 Barry Larkin 1995
Pete Rose 1970 Barry Larkin 1996
Tommy Helms 1970 Barry Larkin 1998
Johnny Bench 1971 Barry Larkin 1999
Tommy Helms 1971 Felipe Lopez 2005
Johnny Bench 1972 Brandon Phillips 2011
Johnny Bench 1973
Joe Morgan 1973
Johnny Bench 1974
Dave Concepcion 1974
Joe Morgan 1974
Cesar Geronimo 1974
Johnny Bench 1975
Dave Concepcion 1975
Joe Morgan 1975
Cesar Geronimo 1975
Johnny Bench 1976
Dave Concepcion 1976
Joe Morgan 1976
Cesar Geronimo 1976
Johnny Bench 1977
Dave Concepcion 1977
Joe Morgan 1977
Cesar Geronimo 1977
Dave Concepcion 1979
Eric Davis 1987
Eric Davis 1988
Eric Davis 1989
Barry Larkin 1994
Barry Larkin 1995
Barry Larkin 1996
Bret Boone 1998
Pokey Reese 1999
Pokey Reese 2000
Brandon Phillips 2008
Bronson Arroyo 2010
Brandon Phillips 2010
Scott Rolen 2010
Brandon Phillips 2011
Joey Votto 2011
Local Awards
Most Valuable Player Outstanding Pitcher Joe Nuxhall Good Guy Award
Wally Post, OF 1955 Wayne Granger 1969 Todd Benzinger 1991
Roy McMillan, SS 1956 Jim Merritt 1970 Jose Rijo 1992
Don Hoak, 3B 1957 Don Gullett 1971 Tim Belcher 1993
Johnny Temple, 2B 1958 Clay Carroll 1972 Kevin Mitchell 1994
Frank Robinson, 1B 1959 Jack Billingham 1973 Bret Boone 1995
Eddie Kasko, 3B 1960 Don Gullett 1974 Jeff Brantley 1996
Frank Robinson, 1B 1961 Don Gullett 1975 Joe Oliver 1997
Frank Robinson, 1B 1962 1976 Eddie Taubensee 1998
Jim Maloney, P 1963 1977 Sean Casey 1999
Frank Robinson, 1B 1964 Doug Bair 1978 Steve Parris 2000
Deron Johnson, 3B 1965 Tom Hume 1979 Dmitri Young 2001
Pete Rose, 2B 1966 Mario Soto 1980 Jose Rijo 2002
Tony Perez, 3B 1967 Tom Seaver 1981 Austin Kearns 2003
Pete Rose, OF 1968 Mario Soto 1982 Sean Casey 2004
Pete Rose, OF 1969 Mario Soto 1983 Ken Griffey Jr. 2005
Johnny Bench, C 1970 Mario Soto 1984 Bronson Arroyo 2006
Lee May, 1B 1971 Tom Browning 1985 Scott Hatteberg 2007
Johnny Bench, C 1972 John Franco 1986 Aaron Harang 2008
Pete Rose, OF 1973 John Franco 1987 Bronson Arroyo 2009
Joe Morgan, 2B 1974 Danny Jackson 1988 Scott Rolen 2010
Joe Morgan, 2B 1975 Tom Browning 1989 Bronson Arroyo 2011
Joe Morgan, 2B 1976 Jose Rijo 1990
George Foster, OF 1977 Jose Rijo 1991
Pete Rose, 3B 1978 Jose Rijo 1992
Ray Knight, 3B 1979 Jose Rijo 1993
Ken Griffey, OF 1980 Jeff Brantley 1994
Dave Concepcion, SS 1981 Pete Schourek 1995
Mario Soto, P 1982 Jeff Brantley 1996
Mario Soto, P 1983 Jeff Shaw 1997
Dave Parker, OF 1984 Pete Harnisch 1998
Dave Parker, OF 1985 Pete Harnisch 1999
Dave Parker, OF 1986 Danny Graves 2000
Eric Davis, OF 1987 Scott Sullivan 2001
Danny Jackson, P 1988 Jimmy Haynes 2002
Eric Davis, OF 1989 Chris Reitsma 2003
Barry Larkin, SS 1990 Paul Wilson 2004
Barry Larkin, SS 1991 Aaron Harang 2005
Bip Roberts, INF 1992 Bronson Arroyo 2006
Joe Oliver, C 1993 Aaron Harang 2007
Hal Morris, 1B 1994 Edinson Volquez 2008
Barry Larkin, SS 1995 Bronson Arroyo 2009
Barry Larkin, SS 1996 Bronson Arroyo 2010
Willie Greene, 3B 1997 Johnny Cueto 2011
Bret Boone, 2B 1998
Greg Vaughn, OF 1999
Danny Graves, P 2000
Dmitri Young, OF 2001
Aaron Boone, 3B 2002
Jose Guillen, OF 2003
Sean Casey, 1B 2004
Ken Griffey Jr., CF 2005
Rich Aurilia, INF 2006
Brandon Phillips, 2B 2007
Joey Votto, 1B 2008
Brandon Phillips, 2B 2009
Joey Votto, 1B 2010
Joey Votto, 1B 2011

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