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03/17/11 2:27 PM ET

Chat transcript with Reds VP Bob Miller

Bob_Miller: Thanks for joining me today on reds.com. I'm ready for your questions!

oscar43: In 29 years of professional baseball, you have obviously seen many pitching staffs. Where would your rank the 2011 Reds pitching?

Bob_Miller: It's one of the deepest I've seen. While some will argue that we don't have a true No. 1 starter, I feel we have the potential for three or four guys to become true No. 1s.

oscar43: The 2011 Reds bullpen appears to be strong. Is there a chance someone other than [Francisco] Cordero could be the closer?

Bob_Miller: Cordero is our closer.

Nick695: Can you discuss the differences in revenues and expenses associated with keeping Spring Training in Sarasota, as opposed to moving to Goodyear?

Bob_Miller: While revenues are much lower here in Goodyear, so are our expenses. Our facilities here in Goodyear are first class across the board.

acehurler: I noticed when looking at the Reds 40-man roster that Yasmani Grandal was not listed. Is that an error or has he been removed?

Bob_Miller: Grandal is definitely on our 40-man.

BamaHal: I spent two weeks in Goodyear and was really impressed by some of the younger players. It looks as though we are heavy with good shortstops. Billy Hamilton, Zack Cozart and of course Paul Janish. Any plans to change their positions (Minor Leaguers)?

Bob_Miller: You left off Gregorius and Rojas, also. We always play these guys at second and other positions so they know how to play there, but right now they're true shortstops.

schrantz: How much consideration is Dave Sappelt receiving towards making the club this year?

Bob_Miller: Sappelt's still in Major League camp with less than two weeks to go, so he's definitely getting consideration.

BamaHal_2: Will the Reds change the nickname for the Mudcats when they move to Pensacola? That's a great move, it will save a lot of travel time, six teams will be within 300 miles.

Bob_Miller: It's not our decision, but I'm 100 percent sure Pensacola will make up their own nickname.

oscar43: Thank you for your time, Mr. Miller. Who is your team for March Madness?

Bob_Miller: That would be Ohio State, Cincinnati, Xavier and Kentucky. Got to support the local teams!

oscar43: Dallas Buck looked like a sure thing in 2008, but injuries seem to have derailed his career. What do the Reds see in the future for him?

Bob_Miller: He's healthy now, and we look for big things from him this season. We just want to keep him healthy.

smittyred: I am very concerned about this team's ability to hit on a consistent basis. I think it will be their Achilles heel this year. Why not consider Sappelt in left field and leading off?

Bob_Miller: We led the National League in runs scored last year, so obviously other teams struggled more. With our young players continuing to get better, I look for another great year for our guys.

angelbravo: Good job to the front office for getting the Reds back to being a contending team. Here's my question: Is the team looking to use trades this season to get better, or is the plan to build the team with players from the farm system only?

Bob_Miller: We will use every method possible if the right situation comes up. International signings, trade or bringing up our Minor Leaguers.

oscar43: The Reds 2007 second-round pick, Zack Cozart, seems to be developing rather well. When do you see him coming up, and where will he play?

Bob_Miller: Yeah, Zack had a great year in Triple-A last year and I expect we'll see him in Cincinnati at some point this year.

nichols629: Juan Duran update? Did he really grow to 6-foot-8 in the offseason? Where will he play this year? A ball?

Bob_Miller: He's a good 6-foot-7 or 6-foot-8, but he looks really good. He's a big boy and just 19 years old.

oscar43: Yonder Alonso is said to be Major League-ready, and if not for Votto he would likely be an everyday Major League player. Will the Reds offer him to potential trade partners or is the plan to keep him for insurance in the event the Reds cannot sign Votto beyond 2013?

Bob_Miller: Yonder is going to be a great player, and we hope it's with the Cincinnati Reds.

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