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12/02/10 12:30 PM EST

Stubbs talks Redsfest with fans online

Drew_Stubbs: Hey everybody this is Drew Stubbs and I'm here at the Duke Energy Convention Center today as we all get ready for Redsfest. Just wanted to say thanks for coming to the chat today and I'm ready for your questions.

Drew_Stubbs: Currently I'm just working out and conditioning, getting into optimal shape. I'll start incorporating baseball activity later this month.

kb_23: Hey Drew when did you discover your love for baseball?

Drew_Stubbs: My first year playing was at 6 years old and I developed an immediate passion for it and I've loved it ever since.

urwright21: What are some of your personal goals for next season?

Drew_Stubbs: First and foremost to repeat as division champs and make a run at the World Series. On a personal level just to improve across the board on my statistical categories.

batsfan09: Hi, I am a huge fan of both the Reds and the Louisville Bats. Congratulations on doing a great job with the Reds and becoming the starter in center field! I was wondering if you had a favorite moment or memory from your time with the Bats?

Drew_Stubbs: Winning our division in the International League in 2008 was special. We had a great group of guys on the team and it really made it worthwhile.

toph42: What other sports did you play in high school? I bet you'd be a nice WR.

Drew_Stubbs: I did play wide receiver in football. I also played basketball and ran track.

m0rty311: So do you guys as a team expect to do as well as you were this year, and how far do you think you can go in 2011?

Drew_Stubbs: I absolutely expect us to do as well next year as we did this year and hopefully better. We've all collectively gained a year of experience with the playoffs, and we'll have the core of our guys back next year. It's definitely a goal of ours to make it to the World Series next year.

jstalnaker: Is being a lead-off man something you are working towards or does it even matter where in the lineup you are?

Drew_Stubbs: It doesn't really matter to me. I'm comfortable hitting anywhere in the lineup and wherever Dusty sees fit to place, I'll go there and do my best.

bryan1521: What is the best part of being a major league player?

Drew_Stubbs: For myself, it's a dream I've had since I was a little kid and fulfilling that dream makes it more important to me. You spend your whole life working toward and actually getting to do it is special.

m0rty311: Being a part of a Cincy team are you a fan of Skyline?

Drew_Stubbs: Without offending anyone, not particularly.

toph42: What was your reaction when the NL MVP was announced?

Drew_Stubbs: I was very excited for Joey. I thought he was extremely deserving. I would've been a little shocked if he hadn't won because I think he was the best candidate for the award.

redsfreak5: What's on your iPod playlist right before a game?

Drew_Stubbs: We rotate team iPods. It varies from one end to another. I don't really listen to one on my own. Just whatever they play.

betsybee: What is your favorite visiting park to play in?

Drew_Stubbs: The most fun atmosphere is probably Wrigley. The fans always make it fun, especially in the outfield where it's a nonstop party. St. Louis is also good because they have great fans there and it's a nice ballpark.

lilrussy: Who is the toughest pitcher to hit off for you?

Drew_Stubbs: I'll let the playoffs speak for itself. When he's throwing the ball well, it's Roy Halladay.

jhett1224: Looking back on last season, what moment sticks out as the most memorable for you personally? Any games in particular?

Drew_Stubbs: The clinching game against Houston when Jay hit the walk-off home run. That whole night was great. The celebration with the fans and the rest of the team was amazing.

cheney30_2: Do you choose your song the crowd hears when you are up to bat?

Drew_Stubbs: Yes, I do and most guys do. In some instances some guys don't have a preference but usually we do.

jstalnaker: Would you rather make a great diving catch to save a game or hit a game winning shot?

Drew_Stubbs: I would say the home run. They're both pretty special moments, but I don't think many things trump a game winning home run.

afledd: What do you think is better for a kid coming out of high school -- going to college for 3 years or going directly into the minors?

Drew_Stubbs: If you get enough money to change your life coming out of high school, it's tough to turn that down. But speaking from my experience, I greatly benefited from playing three years in college.

redstockings54: What area of the game do you feel you need to work on the most, and what are you doing to improve in that area?

Drew_Stubbs: I would say just being more consistent offensively and avoiding so many peaks and valleys in the offseason. Going into spring training, I'll be working with Brook Jacoby our hitting coach to refine my overall approach.

effiesmith: What are you looking forward to most at Redsfest this weekend?

Drew_Stubbs: Getting to see all my teammates again and being able to interact with all the fans that we may not get a chance to during the season.

hope4acure: What is your favorite hobby outside of baseball?

Drew_Stubbs: I play a lot of golf in the offseason. When I'm not doing that, I like to do a lot of working out and staying in shape. In general, it's nice to enjoy just relaxing when we can since the downtime in baseball is scarce.

amberlyb: Is center field the position you wanted to play from the beginning? Or is there another position you planned on playing in?

Drew_Stubbs: That's always been the one for me. I've been playing that the last 10-15 years and that's where I'm the most comfortable and enjoy playing.

betsybee: Do you have any pre game rituals?

Drew_Stubbs: The only thing is really that after batting practice I'll have something light to eat and take a shower before the game. Nothing too crazy.

cheney30_2: Dusty Baker seems kind of like a father figure type of guy from what I see. How is your relationship with him?

Drew_Stubbs: I've really enjoyed my experience with Dusty so far. I would definitely consider him a players' manager. Since he played, he really understands the day in and day out process we go through. You can really talk to him about anything. Overall he's just a lot of fun to play for.

lilrussy: Who are you closest friends with on the team?

Drew_Stubbs: I'd say probably Jay Bruce and Paul Janish. We see each other some during the offseason back in Texas and hang out quite a bit during the year as well.

liveordye: You had played A ball for the Dragons. Did you enjoy your time in Dayton? Also do you recall any places that you enjoyed in Dayton?

Drew_Stubbs: Yes, I really enjoyed playing there. It was a rarity to play in a ballpark that nice at that level. The fan support there was second to none and it was a very enjoyable place to play.

redsfanforever89: What sports do you follow in the offseason?

Drew_Stubbs: I'm a big football fan so I follow that until the season is over with. I'm also a big college basketball fan, so I follow that quite a bit as well.

Drew_Stubbs: We'll do one more question here before I head out...

kb_23: Besides your obvious natural running ability, how did you know you were going to be a center fielder?

Drew_Stubbs: I feel like I have good instincts on the field. Also, it's kind of unglorified but I've put in a lot of work on my jumps in the outfield. It's unsung but we practice that a lot and I think it's helped a lot.

Drew_Stubbs: Alright guys, thanks for all the great questions. Look forward to seeing many of you at Redsfest this weekend!

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