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07/08/10 7:33 PM ET

All-Star Votto has no problem with Manuel

Slugger wins Final Vote after Phils skipper didn't pick him

PHILADELPHIA -- The scheduling was not intentional, but it was sure perfect with its timing.

First baseman Joey Votto learned he won the National League All-Star Final Vote Thursday while his Reds team was preparing to play the Phillies at the home ballpark of manager Charlie Manuel. It's Manuel who will skipper the NL team, and it was Manuel who made the decision to pick his own player, first baseman Ryan Howard, over Votto when the original roster was selected on Sunday.

Votto had no hard feelings at all with Manuel's decision.

"I think that what Charlie did was great," Votto said. "I've got a manager in Dusty Baker who would do the exact same thing. I think any player that plays this game wants a guy that covers their back, a guy that will pick them first, a guy that rights the wrongs because there have been past instances where Ryan Howard wasn't selected and probably should have.

"I like managers like that. I have a manager like that. I think that's a really cool thing."

Manuel and Votto spoke on the field for a few minutes during batting practice after Votto had already learned he won the Final Vote contest and was headed to Anaheim next week.

"In 2008, go back and look at who was leading the league in home runs and RBIs and didn't get on there," Manuel told reporters in reference to Howard. "That was OK then, wasn't it? What goes back around comes back around sometimes. There's nothing like a memory. Memory counts in baseball."

Votto has always had a good memory about his dealings with Manuel.

"Charlie has been very generous to me," Votto said. "He is one of those managers that even if you're on an opposite team, he'll talk to you and say hello. He'll talk about hitting. He's a big hitting guy. I've spoken to him before. I have absolutely nothing against Charlie at all. I think we're going to have a good time together. I think I'm going to like playing for him."

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