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05/27/10 4:19 PM ET

Arroyo chats pitching, more with Reds fans

Bronson_Arroyo: Thanks everybody for coming out. Looking forward to answering your questions!

teacher925: Since you've played in both the National and American Leagues, do you like the Designated Hitter rule? Should it be changed?

Bronson_Arroyo: I think there's advantages and disadvantages to both Leagues. It should stay the way it is.

mualum78: Hi Bronson - Great game last night! We all know you can hit and last night you were called upon to bunt twice and put it down well both times. Why do you think you are such a good bunter? Not all guys can do that. Thanks!

Bronson_Arroyo: I'm not such a good bunter, but sometimes you get in a groove where you see the ball well and it's easy to put down.

1redsoxgirl: As a life-long Boston fan, you were one of my favorite players. Would you ever consider coming back to play for the Sox if you could?

Bronson_Arroyo: Yeah, of course. Fenway Park is one of the greatest places to play in the world. Great atmosphere.

RampantRedsFan: Bronson, you seem to be very knowledgable about the art of pitching. After your great career is over will you consider coaching?

Bronson_Arroyo: I will not be doing anything in the game of baseball but watching when I'm done.

99redsfan: Hi Bronson, I enjoy watching you pitch. I don't envision you joining up with Gomes and having a mohawk, but will we see the cornrows this year? Maybe Leake could join you?

Bronson_Arroyo: Not sure if Leake would do it, but if we keep pushing the playoffs I'll bring 'em back.

rdsansom: Know you are a huge Pearl Jam fan...I was at PJ show in Columbus when you were there...what did the jersey say on the back that you gave to the band?

Bronson_Arroyo: Vedder and the #1 because Jose Cardenal was Eddie's favorite player.

bubba18: Do you feel pitchers could pitch more innings than they do, like they did in years past? Is 250-275 too many?

Bronson_Arroyo: No, I think we could go over 300 if they let us pitch in a 4-man rotation.

schwam: Do you consider your fastball to be an out pitch, or only your breaking pitches?

Bronson_Arroyo: I look at all my pitches evenly. Just about choosing the pitch you can beat a guy with at that given moment.

cleats8: What unique qualities to you bring to the Reds clubhouse?

Bronson_Arroyo: I think I've brought a really regimented routine that some of the younger guys could observe and follow.

smoothf250: Thanks for taking the time to chat Bronson. Over your last 6 starts, you're 5-0 with 1 ND and an ERA around 2.65. Is there any thing(s) you can point to that has made you so effective in the last month?

Bronson_Arroyo: Yeah, I'm getting stronger, my fastball is getting better, which allows me to keep hitters off my breaking stuff.

msthax10: Do you have any pre-game superstitions or tasks that you have to do before a game? And if so, do you attribute it to your success?

Bronson_Arroyo: I have hundreds and I attribute a lot of my success to that. For me it's more of a routine than a superstition.

johara4sa: Bronson - Is there part of your heart left in Boston? What have been the major team/city differences?

Bronson_Arroyo: Yeah, I always love it there. The greatest time of my career was in 2004 when we won the series.

cheney30: Do you spend any time on your boat during baseball season?

Bronson_Arroyo: Usually 3 days a week when we're in town.

mgunkel: Who was the toughest batter you ever faced?

Bronson_Arroyo: Albert Pujols hands down. Barry Bonds a close second.

zilla67: What is your favorite city to play in on road trips as far as experiencing things after the game?

Bronson_Arroyo: Probably Chicago because there's a variety of bars, from taverns to clubs.

ivonne12: Hello Bronson! What do you think makes this team different from the past years?

Bronson_Arroyo: More consistent hitters in the lineup like Rolen and Cabrera.

TNRed: Have you always had that high leg kick?

Bronson_Arroyo: Yeah, I think it came from emulating Dwight Gooden as a kid in the 80s.

tacoma2317: Hey Bronson! How would you say you have matured as a Major League pitcher? Do you think you are a different pitcher now then when you were a rookie?

Bronson_Arroyo: For sure. Getting comfortable at this level and being able to throw any of your pitches in any count.

uncleweez: Best moment so far as a Red?

Bronson_Arroyo: Probably going 2-0 with 2 homers when I first came here in 2006.

ta24: What is your favorite flavor of sunflower seeds?

Bronson_Arroyo: I usually don't eat them but if I do, original.

jaybirdw: How many guitars do you own, and which is your favorite?

Bronson_Arroyo: I have about 6. My favorite would be the Fender acoustic they custom made for me.

xrambler: Do you feel there has been a change in attitude in the club house over the past year?

Bronson_Arroyo: It's always been a laid back clubhouse but now the guys know we have enough pieces to the puzzle to win now.

mrredz: What are your favorite songs to perform?

Bronson_Arroyo: Anything Pearl Jam, "Shimmer" by Fuel and "Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace.

rdparker: Do you lift weights during the season? What is your day-to-day routine between starts?

Bronson_Arroyo: I'm in the weight room every day between starts with a specific routine for each day.

angela714: Bronson, what is it about Hannigan that inspires you to pitch only with him as catcher?

Bronson_Arroyo: It's not that I can only pitch to him, but when someone can follow your mental approach to the game, it makes it easier to pitch with them behind the plate.

burrisowls: In your opinion, who is the most under-rated player on the Reds?

Bronson_Arroyo: It will be Drew Stubbs by the end of the season.

wake8498: It's bottom of the 9th, two outs, bases loaded, game on the line. Pete Rose is batting. How do you pitch him?

Bronson_Arroyo: Haven't seen enough old film of him but probably would have to come in hard on him because he handles soft pitches away too well.

donhmcc: Who were some of your favorite players growing up as a kid?

Bronson_Arroyo: Ozzie Smith, Greg Maddux and Dwight Gooden.

wvreds: Bronson, what would you say is the most important thing for young pitchers (college) to do to take care of their arms during the season?

Bronson_Arroyo: Make sure you're in great throwing shape before you start cranking it up 100% in games. I think that means 2-3 months of throwing before games start. And possibly get a masseuse after pitching.

bballer352: Would you consider growing a moustache like Chris Welsh once had?

Bronson_Arroyo: One of my buddies has been trying to get me to do it for years to make Maxim's Men of Mustache, but it's not happenin'.

xavmus: What team did you root for growing up? Were you a fan of any other sports aside from baseball?

Bronson_Arroyo: Cardinals because of Ozzie Smith and I enjoyed the NBA and NFL as much as anyone.

xavmus: What guys on the team have the biggest personalities? Who are the pranksters?

Bronson_Arroyo: The smallest personalities are the pranksters on this team - Scott Rolen, Mike Lincoln and Joey Votto. And in years to come...Mike Leake's gonna lead the charge.

knoonan991: Hey Bronson, what's your favorite pregame meal?

Bronson_Arroyo: Spaghetti with meat sauce.

carlarose: When is your band playing in Cincinnati again?

Bronson_Arroyo: Not a full band but probably playing some songs in the Reds Team Shop on June 13 and selling my "Covering the Bases" CDs. It should be a great time if you want to come out.

hiby: Why is your number 61?

Bronson_Arroyo: My first number with the Pirates was 69. When I got picked up with the Red Sox they gave me 61, and I pitched great in it, so I kept it.

kwirges: Have you ever sought autographs from anyone - and if so - what is your most prized autograph?

Bronson_Arroyo: I get musicians and my Eddie Vedder bottle of wine is my most prized possession. He and I both took a swig out of it and then I corked it.

hiby: What other sport would you play other than baseball?

Bronson_Arroyo: I never really played it, but I'd love to play tennis. I love the idea of a one-on-one sport.

uncleweez: Best pump up song?

Bronson_Arroyo: I listened to Pearl Jam's "Ten" record every day pumping in the weight room.

goreds6119: Would you ever consider joining Twitter?

Bronson_Arroyo: I will never be on Twitter and I don't have a Facebook account or MySpace. And never will.

uncleweez: What's the best baseball advice anyone's ever given you?

Bronson_Arroyo: Do what you do. if eating a pizza and staying at home is what you like do it. If running the streets at night is what you do, do it.

Bronson_Arroyo: Thanks guys for all your great questions. Hope to see you on June 13 at the team shop and see you at the ballpark soon!

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