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04/22/10 4:39 PM ET

Dickerson chats with fans about Earth Day

Chris_Dickerson: Hey guys, Chris here. Happy Earth Day to everyone. I hope we can all find some time to do something positive with the environment today.

jimothy: When did you first take interest in Earth Day and other green initiatives?

Chris_Dickerson: Growing up in Southern California, we were always big on recycling, and being around the beach conservation organizations, I became aware of Earth Day at a young age.

dddiner: How did you come up with the mission of your organization?

Chris_Dickerson: I wanted to bring professional athletes and sports fans together for the greater good.

scooter89: Is your glove actually recyclable?

Chris_Dickerson: When I'm done with my equipment, I give it to the Reds Community Fund, and they donate it to local baseball teams.

transyu: You're easily my favorite Red because of your sustainability efforts and because you're a wrestling fan. What would your wrestling persona (music, finisher, outfit, gimmick) be?

Chris_Dickerson: I would not wear tights. ... I'd wear green basketball shorts made of recycled basketball nets and low-top Chuck Taylors. My name would be Captain Planet.

josh_frost: I noticed that your birthday is April 10. What did you do to celebrate?

Chris_Dickerson: I didn't get to celebrate. I was moving and unpacking. Thanks for asking!

scoom: Since we are talking about recycling, what is done with all the broken bats?

Chris_Dickerson: The players sign the broken bats, and the Reds Community Fund sells the bats to fans to raise money for youth baseball teams.

cobra247: Hey Chris, how bout [Joey] Votto stealing bases like a wannabe Chris Dickerson?

Chris_Dickerson: He can certainly run ... and he is more confident in his base-stealing abilities this year.

redleg4691: What's was your "welcome to the big leagues" moment?

Chris_Dickerson: My "OMG" moment was stepping off the bus ... on the airplane tarmac ... right on to a chartered plane.

cobra247: What kind of punishment would you inflict on Jonny Gomes if he refused to recycle a pop bottle?

Chris_Dickerson: I'd put him in a headlock and give him a noogie!

larkingirl: Chris, in your opinion, what is the leading cause of waste on earth?

Chris_Dickerson: Plastic bottles and plastic bags. Thirteen billion pounds of plastic waste is produced every year, and only 25 percent is recycled.

cobra247: Are you a proponent of catch-and-release fishing?

Chris_Dickerson: Yes, I am. Especially deep-sea fishing.

rox08: What are some things your Players for the Planet organization does? What other players are involved?

Chris_Dickerson: Check out playersfortheplanet.org. Ryan Braun, Chase Utley and Matt Leinart are all onboard.

jbooz3: Can you dunk a basketball?

Chris_Dickerson: Yes, I can!

jarrod81: Hey, Chris, who are your closest friends on the team?

Chris_Dickerson: [Paul] Janish, [Jay] Bruce, [Ryan] Hanigan, [Drew] Stubbs, Micah [Owings] ...

Hey guys. I've got to get to the clubhouse. For Earth Day, I want everyone to choose three things you can do to make the earth a better place to live. Look for my green shoelaces tonight, from www.greenlaces.org, and my Players for the Planet-logoed green Max bat. And if you live in Cincinnati, come see me at the Hyde Park Kroger after the game on Saturday at the Players for the Planet e-waste recycling drive.

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