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09/17/09 1:06 PM ET

Reds asst. GM Miller chats with fans

Addresses questions from faithful on a variety of topics

Bob Miller: Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by. Let's get to the Q & A.

ChangeUp: I think it's great to see Eric Davis working within the Reds organization again. What kind of general role has he played which has helped you and Mr. Jocketty? Did he have an impact on any of the Draft selections?

Miller: Eric has been a great help. He has worked with the Minor Leaguers with base running and outfield work. He's also helped with the mental part of the game -- how to take good at-bats, etc.

flgator69: Is Winter Ball or an extended Spring Training available for some of our hitters' improvement?

Miller: Instructional League starts next week and Winter Ball and the Arizona Fall League in October. Most of our better young players will be in one or more of those leagues getting more at-bats or innings under their belts.

ChangeUp: I believe we have the best infield defense in all of baseball. What are the chances we will see the same starting infielders next season?

Miller: Pretty good. I fully expect all four of them to be on our team next year.

redstockings54: My question is with the number of good outfielders we currently have, are there any plans to trade any of them. And if so, what is the plan?

Miller: All of these guys are young and most of them still have options to the Minors left, so we like our depth. If something comes along that will better our team or fill another need, we will always consider it.

ChangeUp: Jonny Gomes seems to really enjoy being a Red and is really showing he can come through in clutch situations. Would you say there is a good chance he will be a Red next season?

Miller: I hope so. He's had a good year. Hopefully we can come to an agreement that makes both sides happy.

josh_frost: You're on a desert island: Skyline Chili or Graeter's?

Miller: Graeter's, without a doubt. It's hot on the island.

flgator69: Who, if anybody, on the Reds is "safe" from trades this offseason?

Miller: It's hard to say anyone is "safe." I can't use names, but if a team in Missouri wanted to trade you their big first baseman, you'd have to think about it, wouldn't you?

josh_frost: How is the team preparing differently this year with Spring Training in Goodyear, Ari., instead of Florida?

Miller: A) We'll actually be able to use all of the fields because they will be Major League quality. B) Our players will eat better and more nutritiously since we have a commercial kitchen on site. C) Our Minor Leaguers won't have to wait hours and hours to use the weight room since it is now big enough for everyone D) etc. etc. The Goodyear facility is state-of-the-art from top to bottom. Just our rehab capabilities now have increased tenfold.

batsfan09: Enerio Del Rosario has had a great season as a relief pitcher in the Minor Leagues. Do you think he could be a part of next year's bullpen? Could he possibly be a starter next year with Louisville, as he has been in previous years?

Miller: I think Del Rosario and Logan Ondrusek will both be knocking on the door to pitch in the Majors next year. Both of them had outstanding seasons.

bigal59: Several MLB players play winter ball and play in the WBC. The question has come up that some players get hurt while playing in the WBC. Do the clubs have control if a player plays in the WBC?

Miller: Nope.

punksroo: Which Minor League prospects are we likely to see this Spring?

Miller: Travis Wood, Del Rosario, Ondrusek, Yonder Alonso, Todd Frazier, Zack Cozart, Chris Valaika, Chris Heisey, etc.

ChangeUp: Do you have any early postseason predictions? Who will go to the World Series?

Miller: Once you get into the postseason with those short series, it's tough to predict. The Yankees and the Phillies are the favorites for me right now.

flsis: You seem pretty excited about Spring Training in Arizona next year, but aren't you going to miss seeing your sweet sister in Florida during the spring?

Miller: I'll miss my whole family, who live down in the Tampa Bay area -- especially my favorite niece.

lbentz11: What is a main, constant, day-to-day duty that you have to do as assistant GM?

Miller: It varies from month to month, but during the season the everyday concern is the Major League roster management. There are so many rules that have to be followed it's almost a full time job just for that.

redstockings54: Any word on the player to be named later from the David Weathers trade?

Miller: No. It probably won't be finalized until mid-October.

jroll1979: Any chance the team will wear the all-red hat on the road next year? Black-billed hat looks tacky.

Miller: No idea. Most people like a little black though. I like the sleeveless pin stripe tops with the undershirts, but they don't wear them anymore.

redstockings54: What do you perceive as a weakness that must be addressed?

Miller: We need to score more runs.

jroll1979: Any chance the Reds go after Orlando Hudson?

Miller: He's going to make big money and we already have Brandon Phillips.

bigal59: Is it true that the Reds are going to lose 20 million dollars this year?

Miller: Don't know. But if so, maybe the government will send us some stimulus money.

lbentz11: I know it's a bit premature, without writing off Matt Maloney, what are your thoughts on getting at least one left-handed starter for next season?

Miller: I think both Wood and Maloney will be good Major League pitchers. Give them some time.

Miller: One final question...

lbentz11: How did you break into professional baseball? Can a person with a Bachelor's degree in youth ministry get hired on with a team (i.e. Cincinnati)?

Miller: I started working in the Minor Leagues back in 1983. I hadn't even finished college yet at that point. Any background can do well in baseball. It takes all kinds, but you have to love the game and be willing to work ridiculous hours and put your time in. And then a little luck getting in the right spot always helps.

Miller: I just want to thank everyone for stopping by over the last five months for these chats. I enjoy it. Obviously there are some things I can't talk about nor can I talk about other teams' players. I also won't badmouth anyone, which many of the questions I don't answer seem to want me to do. I'm glad you have interest in baseball and the Reds, and let me assure you that we are doing everything we can to bring a winning team to Cincinnati. Go Reds and see you all next year!

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