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08/03/09 12:48 PM ET

Chat transcript: Asst. GM Bob Miller

bob_miller: Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by today. It's been a tough last 2 weeks for the Reds. Let's get started with the first question.

kmarchal10: When will Scott Rolen be back?

bob_miller: Maybe as early as tonight. Initial reports were no concussion. He will be re-examined when he gets in today.

redsman19: Do you think we should trade Joey Votto for a right-handed power hitter?

bob_miller: No. Votto is a left-handed power hitter who is only going to get better and better.

hannahmoo: What do you think Scott Rolen will bring to the ball club?

bob_miller: Veteran leadership plus defense, run-producing offense and someone else who has won a World Series ring and knows what it takes to get there.

redsin4: What are the club's expectations of Wladimir Balentien, and what is his contract status?

bob_miller: Balentien is a young player with tremendous potential. His minor league numbers were excellent. His contract is under our control for 5 more years.

saintvic: Any chance of a BIG trade in August again?

bob_miller: Certainly. We'll see who clears waivers/gets claimed and who we can claim.

msmith05: Is it acceptable to see this team quit?

bob_miller: No, and I don't think they have. We battled back twice yesterday.

RedsFan1970: How close are we to signing our first two draft picks? Would we see Leake in action if he is signed soon?

bob_miller: We feel comfortable that we will get both signed before the 8/17 deadline. Both will pitch in the minors once signed.

ethanator9: How are the Reds going to have money to pay for Rolen next year?

bob_miller: The reports on the amount owed Rolen floating around are incorrect. While I'm not at liberty to say what the amount is, we are not responsible for some of it.

BrownSheep: Mr. Miller, what is your opinion of the hype surrounding the trade deadline?

bob_miller: It's good for the game and gets people talking around the water cooler, but there will still be a lot of moves in August. August 31 is an important date because if you get a player by then he is eligible to be on your playoff roster. So, many players that clear waivers over the next 4 weeks will be traded even though the trade "deadline" was 7/31.

LifelongRedsFan: Why did we trade a decent pitching prospect (Robert Manuel) for an outfielder who has struggled at the Major League level and who had been designated for assignment?

bob_miller: Balentien has had success in the minors just like Manuel has. Neither has proven himself in the majors yet. Designating for assignment is a procedural matter. We got Brandon Phillips after he was designated for assignment in 2006. That worked out ok.

RedsFan1970: What are your thoughts on instant replay on close plays at the plate? Should managers have a set number of challenges?

bob_miller: It would be interesting to see the red flag like in the NFL come flying out of the dugout every now and then. I think instant replay started with baby steps and will expand in the future. How fast, I don't know.

rprprprprp: What's the long-term solution at shortstop?

bob_miller: Could be Cozart or Frazier (both at AA) or Valaika (AAA) or Janish. Or someone we get in a trade.

Hubcap1963: How are Jay Bruce and Ramon Hernandez recouperating?

bob_miller: Hopefully both will go on rehab sometime this month.

redsdevil: Todd Frazier has been all over the field lately. Where do you guys see him long-term?

bob_miller: The great thing with Todd is he can play just about anywhere in the infield plus left field. He'll be able to slot in wherever we need him.

ethanator9: Will Votto get a contract extension in the offseason or anytime soon?

bob_miller: Thankfully, we have Joey under control for 4 more years.

muhawks88: How does the trade availability vary by minor leaguer? For example, Yonder was not eligible to be traded this year, correct?

bob_miller: You cannot be traded until one year from when you first signed. Yonder signed 8/15 last year. If you are a minor leaguer on the 40-man roster the rules are different than if you are a minor leaguer not on the 40-man. Non 40-man players can be traded at anytime (after the one year rule).

redsin4: Do you feel there are players within the organization who can play at the Major League level at SS, CF and LF for next season? If so, who are they?

bob_miller: I think Valaika/Frazier/Cozart can play in the infield and Stubbs/Heisey/Frazier in the outfield.

madman11: Do you think we'll see Travis Wood in September? Or give him a shot in Spring Training next year?

bob_miller: I'm sure he will at least battle for a spot in Spring Training next year.

bob_miller: One final question....

muhawks88: Should we be surprised to see the Reds active post-trade deadline?

bob_miller: No. I believe we will be very active. Always takes two to tango though...

bob_miller: Thanks everyone. See you next month when hopefully we'll be playing better.

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