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07/01/09 1:47 PM ET

Chat transcript: Bob Miller

Reds assistant GM answers fans' questions

Bob Miller: Welcome everyone, let's get started.

reds4ever1: How long are contracts for our up-and-coming players like Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips, Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez and such? Do you think you will be able to retain them all?

Miller: Phillips has a contract through 2011 with a club option for 2012. The others do not currently have long-term contracts, but the Reds' have them under control through 2013 for Cueto, Votto and Volquez, and 2014 for Bruce.

irish05: What Reds do you think will be playing in this year's All-Star Game?

Miller: It's hard to say since it doesn't appear any of them will be voted in by the fans. Phillips has had a very good year, as have a bunch of pitchers, including Cueto, Arthur Rhodes, Francisco Cordero, Nick Masset and David Weathers.

nickwins: If you could acquire one player for the Reds, who would it be and why?

Miller: I can't name specific players since that is against the tampering rules, but I would prefer a young player who we would have under control for several years with a good bat over a three-month rental player. But those are hard to find.

irish05: How would you grade the Reds based on their first-half performance?

Miller: I would say about a C-plus. Injuries have really hurt. I look forward to getting our whole team back that we envisioned at the end of Spring Training.

Jim_Misudek: Your former team (Arizona) is in town. Are you catching up with some old friends/co-workers?

Miller: Yeah, it is always good to see old co-workers and the players that you saw develop from their first game in the Minor Leagues.

irish05: Is Cincinnati going to be a destination for the All-Star Game in the near future?

Miller: I hope so. I think we showed the baseball world how good our staff is at putting on great events (Redsfest, Caravan, Civil Rights Game). It'll be at least a few more years until we get an All-Star Game, though.

flgator69: With our offense struggling, are you SERIOUSLY looking for trade help to keep the Reds in contention?

Miller: We made a very competitive offer for Mark DeRosa, only to be edged out by the Cards. We'll keep trying if we think any move will help us.

greginin: Where would DeRosa have played if you had acquired him? Edwin Encarnacion is due back this week and Jonny Gomes has been great as a right-handed bat in left field.

Miller: One of the great things about DeRosa is he can play first base, second base, third base and outfield. We would have found a place for him to play, believe me.

irish05: Are the Reds pleased with the results of this year's First-Year Player Draft?

Miller: Yeah, we got a nice mix of players. Mike Leake should be quick to the Major Leagues and we signed a little more high school talent then we have in years past.

basball60: Mr. Miller, do you see Daniel Herrera being a mainstay in the bullpen for the rest of the year? Are you happy with his progress so far this year?

Miller: Certainly. He's had a great season so far and we expect him to continue his good work for many years to come. You just have to cheer for a young man like Danny.

rodney910: We all love Bruce, but he has struggled in a major way. Did we bring him up to soon?

Miller: If I remember correctly, we got maligned for not bringing him up sooner. He completely dominated Triple-A. People seem to keep forgetting that he turned 22 in April.

greginin: Are the Angels a good matchup for a trade -- Reds pitching for Angels hitters, especially shortsop?

Miller: The Angels have a great organization, but it always takes two teams to make a trade. Trade talks will heat up across baseball now that July is here.

bobfanatic: Do you plan on making a move before the trade deadline?

Miller: We try to make our team better on a daily basis. If the right move becomes available, we'll do it. We also should get Encarnacion and Volquez back in July, which should help us tremendously.

mw5225: When are we going to see Chris Heisey or Drew Stubbs up with the big club? Are they progressing fast enough?

Miller: Heisey and Stubbs are both having good years in the Minors and progressing nicely. Both can play center field and give us many options in the outfield over the coming seasons.

Jim_Misudek: If you weren't working baseball, what do you think you would be doing?

Miller: Good question. Since I've been in baseball my entire adult life it's tough to say. All I know is that I look forward to retiring in Sedona, Ariz., someday.

greginin: Is there general direction on playing time from the front office, or is it entirely up to Mr. Dusty Baker on who plays how much? Same question with regard to lineup construction.

Miller: Dusty is the manager and makes the lineup 100 percent of the time.

warriorz35: What are the chances of the Reds signing Humberto Valor, the Venezuelan shortstop? Are the Reds in on any more July 2nd prospects?

Miller: We have made major strides in signing great Latin talent over the past few years. We have seen all of the best talent down there and expect to be in the hunt for several of the better players.

mikejustice: David Weathers scares me when he comes in. I call him "Kerosene." Are there other, better options in the bullpen for middle relief?

Miller: Sometimes pitchers aren't pretty when they get the outs, but those outs still count. Weathers' results have been fantastic since we got him, other than a few games. Cut him some slack. Our bullpen has been great this season.

KPreds: Are there any offseason moves that, in hindsight, the club regrets making?

Miller: I've heard rumors that Bob C. regrets not signing me for 10 more years, but I haven't been able to verify that.

Miller: I'd kind of like to see Rhodes get in the All-Star Game. He's going to be 40 later this year and I don't believe he has ever been an All-Star, even though he's had a very good career and has had some outstanding seasons, including this one.

goherd1363: If Ryan Hannigan can't be the everyday catcher will he be shopped?

Miller: Hanigan is a very good catcher. And with the scarcity of good catchers in the game, I can't see him going anywhere.

tink1480: Will Yonder Alonso be given a serious look next spring to crack the Reds' roster? How bad is his injury?

Miller: He broke his hamate bone in his hand. Nothing major, should be back later in the year.

bb_ump: How much longer will the Reds wait for Homer Bailey to reach his "forecasted" potential?

Miller: Homer just turned 23. My question to you would be did you like Volquez last year? During Edinson's first three seasons in the Majors with Texas he had a 14.21, a 7.29 and a 4.50 ERA. Then he came to us at 25 years old and had a 3.21 ERA with 17 wins. Worth the wait, wasn't it?

Miller: One final question...

mikejustice: I always go to Florida for Spring Training. Now that the Reds are moving to Arizona ( too far to drive), I wonder what the fan reaction has been? Positive?

Miller: I think once the fans see our great new home in Goodyear, Ariz., they will flock to it. Phoenix is a great place to visit in the spring, and we now have Major League quality facilities for both our players and our fans. Having lived 20-plus years in Florida and seven in Arizona, I can honestly tell you that Spring Training in Arizona is better. If you stay in Phoenix, you are less than 45 minutes from 13 teams. It's heaven for baseball fans.

Miller: Thanks for coming, everyone. See you next month!

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