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06/04/09 9:00 PM ET

Chat transcript: Bob Miller

Reds assistant GM answers fans' questions

bob_miller: Welcome everyone. Thanks for stopping by and asking questions. Let's get started.

mooose23: Just wondering when you guys are going to give Frazier the call?

bob_miller: Todd Frazier has been doing great at AA. He's currently hitting .332 and had a great May. We also have Chris Heisey at AA hitting .384. Mix in Cozart, Francisco, Alonso, etc. etc. and we hope to see a bunch of those guys in the majors in the near future.

cedwards38: Is Matt Maloney going to get a shot at starting a game for the Reds soon?

bob_miller: Matt has been on a roll and currently has a 2.00 ERA in AAA. Both him and Homer have pitched well, and mix in Ramirez, and we feel any of those 3 can come up and help us.

grf1212: Why hasn't Bray been moved to the 60-day DL to free a spot on the 40-man roster? Is there a chance he will be back in the next 2 months?

bob_miller: Bray is actually on the minor league disabled list and not the Major League disabled list. To put him on the 60-day at the Major League level we would have to recall him and place him on the Major League DL. Then he would get Major League service, which would make him a free agent a year earlier, which wouldn't make sense. Bill is out for the rest of this year and we hope he'll be ready for Spring Training next year.

cincyreds7: What do you think about the return of Encarnacion, and will he get 3rd base back?

bob_miller: That is Dusty's call, but Edwin has been a run producer for us the past 3 years and adds another power RH bat to the lineup.

shimo6242_3: If the Reds were in the pennant race come trading deadline, will you add that right-handed bat?

bob_miller: I think we would try to make ourselves better. Who knows what we might need 2 months from now, with injuries, minor leaguers coming up, etc.?

irish05: Will the Reds be primarily looking at left-handed starters in this year's Draft?

bob_miller: Every team looks for LH pitching in the Draft and the good ones tend to go early.

nichols629: What is the status of Juan Duran?

bob_miller: Juan had some minor knee surgery in March and is back playing in extended spring. Both he and Yorman Rodriguez will play in the GCL this year.

lnate5: Will the organization continue the philosophy of drafting the best available player in the upcoming Draft?

bob_miller: Always. You never know what positions you might need 3-5 years from now when this crop of draftees make the majors. Having a surplus in a certain area can help you get positions you might have a shortage in too.

christ211: Will the organization be willing to give up Homer Bailey, Matt Maloney, or other major prospects at the trade deadline to acquire a big name?

bob_miller: We'll make any trade if it makes sense, but we also have to look for the future years and not just the last 2 months of one season.

lnate5: Are there worries concerning Jay Bruce's recent struggles?

bob_miller: Nope. He's 22!

branphill: I have seen Neftali Soto play a bunch in Dayton, and he is my favorite prospect; however, you don't hear too much about him. Is this just because he is still so young?

bob_miller: Yes, it is his age. Soto started slow in the Florida State League but is now hitting .274. He is very young and is one of our best hitting prospects.

Jim_Misudek: How are the Reds still managing to win games with all the recent injuries? It looks like a M*A*S*H unit out there.

bob_miller: Pitching and defense has helped, but a lot of it stems from the attitude of the locker room and the feeling that they can win no matter what. It's a scrappy bunch, and they have all contributed and continue to pick one another up when it counts.

lnate5: What are your thoughts on Interleague play?

bob_miller: I like it, but I think we should only play our natural rival 3 games instead of 6.

gmonster78: How close are we to seeing Drew Stubbs in the bigs?

bob_miller: Drew is playing great and knocking on the door.

Jim_Misudek: What is your take on the Nate McLouth trade?

bob_miller: Good for both sides. Atlanta gets the immediate help, and the Pirates get the prospects and a place for McCutcheon to play in their outfield.

lnate5: When will you be promoted to General Manager?

bob_miller: I guess I know my wife's user name online now. Thanks for asking honey. I'll be home at 6 tonight!

bigbok_2: What is your projection on if/when Yonder Alonso will make it to the big leagues?

bob_miller: 100% believe that he will make the majors. Time is impossible to predict, but sooner than later would be my guess.

redsgolfer: If in pennant contention, would a lefty starter be on the agenda?

bob_miller: Not if the lefty isn't better than the righties we have.

lnate5: Nine of the Reds' top 10 prospects (as ranked by Baseball America) are hitters. What do you think is at the root of that imbalance?

bob_miller: One, I think it takes longer for pitchers to develop. Two, we have a lot of great hitters. Three, pitchers are much more likely to get injured.

lnate5: How difficult is it to develop and carry out a trade? I think us fans have the misconception that it is an easy process.

bob_miller: It generally takes a long time. Fans usually have a deal in mind that sounds great to them, but if it sounds so great to our fans, why would the other team want to do it? Fans can sometimes forget the economics of trades too. Unless we start getting some TARP money from the government, we always have a budget concern.

ChuckX182: Have the Reds been in talks with Tom Glavine at all?

bob_miller: He just got released last night, so no.

Hubcap1963: With Alex Gonzalez's struggles at the plate, have there been discussions about trading for another SS?

bob_miller: One of the reasons our pitching has improved this year is because of our improved defense, which Alex is a huge part of.

matttan7: Will there be trades made to improve the team's chances of making the postseason?

bob_miller: Right now we just have to get healthy. If we do that, we'll be adding Votto, Volquez and Encarnacion without losing any players to trades. I would like us to be healthy for 30 days and see how we do.

bob_miller: Last question....

lnate5: Can Ryan Hanigan be a future, everyday starter for this club?

bob_miller: I think Ryan has a great future and could be an everyday starter. But right now, I'm loving the versatility and the play of both Ryan and Ramon.

bob_miller: Thanks again for joining the chat. Make sure you come out this weekend so we don't have to listen to the Cubs fans. See you next month.

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