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04/25/08 8:38 PM ET

Baker's son excited to be back in SF

Former Giants bat boy provides scouting advice for Dad

SAN FRANCISCO -- Nine-year-old Darren Baker had been waiting for this day since his spring break ended.

The son of Reds manager Dusty Baker was in excellent spirits as he roamed the Cincinnati locker room, decked out in a Reds uniform (he shares his father's No. 12) and carrying a 32-ounce bat.

He also prepared a scouting report for his father.

"He's into it," said the Reds manager. "He told me, 'This [Jonathan] Sanchez guy is tough. You have to get to him early.' He knows. He watches ESPN first thing every morning. Then it's SpongeBob."

Darren returned to the scene of his most famous moment to date, getting swept up by J.T. Snow at home plate during the World Series against the Angels in 2002. He was the Giants' bat boy at the time.

The scene could be re-enacted as Snow is a special consultant for the Giants and then-Angels catcher Bengie Molina is now plying his trade with the Giants. Molina, waiting for a throw on the play, was also making a move to clear Darren out of danger.

Darren attends school in Sacramento, Calif., Baker's home turf, and brought a homework assignment to show his dad. On it, he wrote that his three biggest dreams were world peace, control global warming and "my biggest dream is for Dad win the World Series."

"Me too," Dusty added.

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