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03/06/06 12:35 PM ET

Dunn chats about fielding, fishing

Reds first baseman fields questions online about season

Adam Dunn entered Spring Training this year with a new contract and new position in the field. Dunn answered fans' questions during a live Web chat Monday about the move to first base, fishing in Florida and the impact the new ownership has made so far.

4192catlover: Are you excited about playing first base instead of left field ?

Dunn: Yeah, it's going to be a new challenge and I am looking forward to it.

Phil_Seas: You're a Texas alum. Do you think Vince Young will have a good NFL career?

Dunn: I think if he goes to Tennessee as projected, it will give him the best opportunity to be the best quarterback he can. He'll be able to sit behind Steve McNair and have Norm Chow as his offensive coordinator. I think he will be very good.

barrman: Adam, what are your thoughts about this year's team?

Dunn: It's definitely too early to tell, but the attitude is better than in the past. From what I've seen, our pitching staff is a lot better and deeper.

Base_Ball_3: Do you ever set personal statistical goals for a season? If so, what are they?

Dunn: No -- I do not.

Aaron_Prince: Personally, I was a fan of Dante Bichette's bat flip, and I always though Bret Boone's bat flip was pretty cool. In your opinion, who has the coolest post-home run pose in baseball?

Dunn: Hmmm ... that's a good one. You have to like Junior's -- it's pretty much a trademark. I was not a Sammy-hop fan. But I was a big Paul O'Neill homer guy. He just put his head down and acted like he's been there before.

tmbrdr: Have you gotten to do much fishing down here in Florida with all that extra time you are putting in getting acclimated to first base?

Dunn: I'm not going to lie. I've done quite a bit of fishing. I'll try to get my work in at first base early so I can go fishing.

crotchlobster: With the new ownership, does it feel like you are on a new team?

Dunn: Definitely. That was the biggest thing this offseason. They preach winning and not just being competitive. I feel like I'm on a different team already.

puffingod: Is there a lot of anticipation in the locker room for this season? You guys are in pretty tight against Chicago, Houston and St. Louis.

Dunn: There's always anticipation for the season to begin. Spring definitely gets old, but we know we're in one of the toughest divisions in baseball. But we need this time in spring to get where we need to be.

Phil_Seas: What is your relationship like with Wily Mo Pena and Austin Kerns? You guys all came out of Dayton and seem to be close.

Dunn: We are. We played together for so long. Austin and I have more in common, but I definitely enjoy Wily.

David_Kirby: Adam, you lost a team leader in Sean Casey. How is the chemistry so far with this year's team and who do you see stepping up into that leadership role?

Dunn: I don't think you can appoint a leader. Everyone knows who the leader of the team is. It's not voted on. You can't appoint someone and say, "You're the leader." You either have got it or you don't. And yes, the chemistry is good.

knightz: What made you decide to play baseball instead of football?

Dunn: Well, that was still to this day the toughest decision I ever had to make. I wanted to do baseball long term, but actually both for as long as I could. It got to be too hard.

krichey: Is Wayne Krivsky going to make a positive difference with this team?

Dunn: No doubt in my mind. He's a straight shooter and that's what we needed.

bravesgmoffuture: How has Edwin Encarnacion looked in camp so far?

Dunn: Like a Dominican Babe Ruth.

redcin: Do you like living in Cincinnati?

Dunn: I do enjoy it in the summer, but it's too cold for me in the winter.

Base_Ball_3: Which of the young Reds pitchers who you've seen impress you the most?

Dunn: Probably Phil Dumatrait -- he's looked really good. Aaron Harang always looks good.

Aaron_Prince: Everyone in Cincinnati was sad to see Sean Casey traded to the Pirates? What impact, if any, did he have on you as a player and as a person?

Dunn: As a player, he was someone that if you were struggling at the plate, he was there and talked to you. He was a close friend. Anytime you lose a close friend, you hate to see it happen. But it's part of the business.

puffingod: Was there ever any pressure wearing Eric Davis' No. 44 in Cincinnati?

Dunn: I wouldn't say pressure. But I understand he was one of the greatest Reds to play the game. I was fortunate when I came up, I got to play against him. I just have to try and represent his number.

Carolyn_Myers: I can't believe it's really you! What did you do in the offseason?

Dunn: Well, I did a lot of fishing. A lot of hunting. I mixed in a little baseball every now and again.

Base_Ball_3: Can you describe your approach at the plate?

Dunn: I guess I could try. I like to see a lot of pitches. That's a good thing and that's a bad thing. I'm learning to take the good with the bad. Patience, sort of.

redcin: Adam, would you like to manage the Reds someday?

Dunn: That would be a negative. I would be a terrible manager.

bravesgmoffuture: Would you recommend me taking you for my fantasy team?

Dunn: I'm going to say you could definitely get Mike Lowell late. He would be a good one. And Austin would be a good one. My buddy was talking about Mike Lowell the other day. He's a good player. He's my pick.

craigstapp: This doesn't have too much relevance, but how many times do you think you've been told you resemble Will Ferrell?

Dunn: I have heard that a few times. I think I am little funnier. I look better when I streak.

mike_woodward: Who on the team do you spend the most time with?

Dunn: Definitely Austin and Junior. Me and Austin came up playing together. He's one of my best friends. Me and Junior have a lot in common and I just like the guy. I can't explain it.

mike_woodward: Adam, you're definitely my favorite player. I also hear you love fishing. Have you ever fished for striper in Cuberland Lake?

Dunn: No -- I have not. But is that an invite?

24582458: Hi Adam! What do you think is the Reds' biggest need right now?

Dunn: First of all, it's the obvious: starting pitching. But we have some young guys who are very capable.

busler: Adam, honestly how close are you guys from being a contender?

Dunn: I think we're probably four players away. Whether we get them through trades, free agency, draft or through the system.

bafford: Who won the Reds fantasy football league this year?

Dunn: Well, Casey won it. I finished second. Our trainer, Mark Mann finished third. The best team never wins. My team was phenomenal.

4192catlover: Which cities are your favorites to play baseball?

Dunn: Houston, just because I live there and get to sleep in my own bed. I enjoy Chicago. I enjoy St. Louis. I loved Montreal.

kimmie30: I just want to say from a true 110 percent Reds fan that I'm so glad that you went with baseball instead of football. It is great to come to the games and see you add so much excitement with your natural home run power. You make it look so easy.

Dunn: Thank you, but there are more people who make it look a lot easier.

Peder_DoJaja: How do you think the NL Central will look like this season? Cards again? Cubs? Pirates? Reds? Brewers?

Dunn: I know people aren't going to believe me, but I think it's wide open.

abtw10: How is Austin Kearns? Is he healthy and will he get another shot to play every day?

Dunn: He's 100 percent healthy. And he will be playing every day -- 150 games at least.

Phil_Seas: I go to games during the season. Do you like night games or day games?

Dunn: I think I like night games better because I can sleep in a little bit. I'm a big sleeper. But I like day games because I can get a big dinner afterwards. I love dinner.

jennifer_miller: Hey Adam, do you feel you're under more pressure than before taking over for Sean Casey?

Dunn: No, not until you brought it up. I hadn't really thought about it. There isn't any added pressure besides playing first base.

Base_Ball_3: Have you heard from Danny Graves? If so, how does he feel about the Reds now?

Dunn: I have talked to him -- about once a week. It definitely was a shame how it was handled.

Deanna_Abrams: Are you doing any local appearances in Cincinnati this season?

Dunn: Sure, I will but I don't know where, what or when at this time. I am sure I definitely will.

vabeachcubfan: What area are you looking to improve on most this year?

Dunn: I think probably just being more consistent at the plate and defensively. It sounds easy but it's not. Consistency is what separates good players from great players.

ajwseven: Can Felipe Lopez repeat with another great year?

Dunn: Felipe, when it's all said and done, will be one of the greatest shortstops in Reds history. He's incredible. To answer your question -- absolutely.

Tina_Crosier: How does it feel to be an idol to so many young children? My son is 8 years old and one of your biggest fans.

Dunn: All that stuff is still weird for me. I'm still a fan and it really hasn't sunken in. I don't know if it will ever sink in. It's weird to think people look up to me like I look up to people.

chickeng4: What has been the biggest surprise this Spring Training?

Dunn: I would say the quality of pitchers we've brought in and how some of the young players have looked.

matt_totsch_2: What do you feel will be the biggest challenge for the Reds this season?

Dunn: Good question. I don't get locked up very often. I guess just playing how we can play every day. We know what we can do and showed it in the second half of last year. It's just going out and doing it every day.

Base_Ball: What is your favorite food?

Dunn: Mexican food -- hands down.

cratebone: Will you miss being heckled from the fans in left field? What's one thing you remember hearing a fan say that really made you laugh?

Dunn: You don't really hear a lot. You hear them though in places like Chicago. They usually do their research -- they know your mom's name, your dad's name and where you went to high school. When birds fly over, fans say, "**** on Dunn."

craigstapp: Do you ever play as yourself in video games?

Dunn: I do not play the baseball games. I am not a baseball guy for video games. I'm a football guy and Tiger Woods' golf. I am holding challenges.

drobdj_fuse_net: What is the hardest pitch for you to hit?

Dunn: A good slider or a good offspeed pitch -- they're all hard. A good located fastball is the hardest pitch to hit.

Dunn: Thanks for all the questions. Hope to see everyone at the ballyard.

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