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, 13 de , 2013:
Cubs 6, Reds 5
Two out when winning run scored.
Choo, CF5211210.279
Cozart, SS7120002.245
Votto, 1B6012132.319
Phillips, 2B7011033.289
Bruce, RF7140024.279
Frazier, 3B3010101.249
Simon, P0000000.200
Parra, M, P0000000.500
LeCure, P0000000.000
Hoover, P0000000.000
b-Robinson, D, PH-LF3000033.302
Paul, LF5000035.276
Partch, P1000001.000
Broxton, J, P0000000.000
Mesoraco, C5121103.254
Latos, P3010010.143
a-Hannahan, PH-3B3000031.212
a-Batted for Latos in the 7th. b-Struck out for Hoover in the 10th.
DeJesus, CF7111014.258
Castro, S, SS7230011.243
Rizzo, 1B5000212.243
Soriano, A, LF7021023.267
Schierholtz, RF5320204.297
Valbuena, 3B6011013.235
Rondon, H, P0000000.000
d-Borbon, PH1011000.222
Castillo, W, C5031012.256
Barney, 2B6021003.208
Samardzija, P2000021.095
Villanueva, Ca, P0000000.176
a-Sweeney, R, PH0000100.345
Russell, P0000000.000
b-Navarro, D, PH1000002.264
Gregg, P0000000.000
Marmol, P0000000.000
c-Hairston, S, PH1000012.155
Parker, B, P0000000.000
Ransom, 3B1000010.238
a-Walked for Villanueva, Ca in the 7th. b-Grounded into a forceout for Russell in the 8th. c-Struck out for Marmol in the 10th. d-Singled for Rondon, H in the 14th.
2B: Bruce (21, Samardzija).
TB: Choo; Phillips; Frazier; Mesoraco 2; Latos; Votto; Cozart 2; Bruce 5.
RBI: Mesoraco (16), Choo (22), Votto 2 (33), Phillips (54).
2-out RBI: Mesoraco; Choo.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Cozart; Frazier; Mesoraco 2; Bruce; Robinson, D 2.
Team RISP: 4-for-13.
Team LOB: 13.

SB: Bruce (2, 2nd base off Rondon, H/Castillo, W).

E: Phillips (5, throw).
Outfield assists: Paul (Soriano, A at 2nd base).
DP: (Phillips-Cozart-Votto).

2B: Castro, S (15, Hoover).
3B: Schierholtz 2 (2, Latos, Latos).
HR: DeJesus (6, 5th inning off Latos, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: DeJesus 4; Barney 2; Valbuena; Castro, S 4; Castillo, W 3; Schierholtz 6; Borbon; Soriano, A 2.
RBI: Soriano, A (28), Castillo, W (11), DeJesus (18), Valbuena (18), Barney (10), Borbon (3).
2-out RBI: Barney; Borbon.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Valbuena; DeJesus 2; Rizzo; Navarro, D; Schierholtz.
GIDP: Barney.
Team RISP: 4-for-19.
Team LOB: 13.

SB: Castro, S 2 (5, 2nd base off Latos/Mesoraco, 2nd base off Broxton, J/Mesoraco).

E: Castro, S 2 (9, throw, throw).
Outfield assists: Soriano, A (Cozart at 2nd base).
DP: (Rizzo).

Simon(H, 2)0.20001103.21
Parra, M(H, 4)0.10000007.50
LeCure(BS, 2)1.03111002.73
Broxton, J(L, 2-2)0.22111104.33
Villanueva, Ca1.00001003.71
Parker, B2.01000301.17
Rondon, H(W, 1-0)2.01000405.63
Game Scores: Latos 43, Samardzija 34.
WP: Latos.
IBB: Rizzo (by Hoover), Schierholtz (by Broxton, J).
HBP: Castillo, W (by Partch).
Pitches-strikes: Latos 98-72, Simon 12-5, Parra, M 6-3, LeCure 21-14, Hoover 20-10, Partch 53-34, Broxton, J 24-11, Samardzija 116-71, Villanueva, Ca 11-5, Russell 10-8, Gregg 20-13, Marmol 16-12, Parker, B 19-13, Rondon, H 45-33.
Groundouts-flyouts: Latos 5-6, Simon 1-0, Parra, M 1-0, LeCure 1-1, Hoover 0-1, Partch 4-1, Broxton, J 1-0, Samardzija 6-4, Villanueva, Ca 0-2, Russell 1-1, Gregg 1-0, Marmol 0-0, Parker, B 1-2, Rondon, H 3-0.
Batters faced: Latos 26, Simon 3, Parra, M 1, LeCure 6, Hoover 5, Partch 14, Broxton, J 5, Samardzija 32, Villanueva, Ca 3, Russell 3, Gregg 3, Marmol 4, Parker, B 7, Rondon, H 8.
Inherited runners-scored: Parra, M 1-0.
Umpires: HP: Mark Carlson. 1B: Brian Knight. 2B: Jerry Meals. 3B: John Tumpane.
Weather: 61 degrees, sunny.
Wind: 23 mph, In from LF.
T: 5:07.
Att: 28,986.
Venue: Wrigley Field.
June 13, 2013
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media