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You Make the Call archive
• With two out, the batter swings and misses at a pitch in the dirt. The pitch bounces off the catcher into the air, and the batter's bat strikes the ball, causing it to roll into foul territory.  Get the ruling >
• In this play Paul Konerko hits a foul pop-up and is called out for batter interference.  Get the ruling >
• A baserunner bumps into Travis Lee as he tries to catch a batter's pop-up. Is the call interference or obstruction ... or neither?  Get the ruling >
• On Aug. 8, 2001 Johnny Damon hit a fair ball down the right field line which rolled -- and lodged solidly! -- into an empty beer cup lying on the field.  Get the ruling >
• On May 8 in Arizona, the D-Backs' Damian Miller hits a grounder to the Reds' Pokey Reese, who attempts to beat Durazo to second base, but then decides to throw to first instead ... and airmails the throw into the seats.  Get the ruling >

Fan Q & A archive
• Whatever happened to those balloon chest protectors?  More >
• What's the funniest thing a manager has said during an argument?  More >
• There are switch-hitters, but are there switch-pitchers?  More >
• What are the causes for an Umpire to eject a player or a manager?  More >
• I have only a vague idea what a balk is. What is the official definition?   More >
• Can you tell me what the call was when Randy Johnson hit the birde with the ball (i.e. ball, dead ball, no pitch, or foul)?  More >

How to Become an Umpire