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Richard Shaffer (Photo: Aflac)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Richard Shaffer
Position:Third baseman
School:Providence Sr. HS (N.C.)
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:190 lbs.
Report Date:3/7/09
Game(s):Impact Invitational

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Shaffer has a simple swing and plus bat speed, which should allow him to hit for average.
Power:He has power that plays now and plus raw power that's projectable. He could evolve into a player that hits 30-plus homers a year.
Running speed:Average runner, at best.
Base running:He's not a particularly fluid runner, but he has good instincts and will even steal a base.
Arm strength:Has a solid-average arm at third.
Fielding:Has good hands and he might outgrow the position, necessitating a move to first.
Range:He doesn't have particularly good lateral movement.
Physical Description:Shaffer has a live, loose body, with long legs and high hips. He's got a strong upper body without an inch of fat to be found.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:His bat -- which should produce average and power. He's also a baseball rat with terrific makeup.
Weaknesses:Can he play third? Even if he can't, the bat will play.
Summary:Shaffer might be one of the best high school bats in the Draft class. With a simple swing and plus bat speed, he should hit for average and plenty of power. He's big and strong and has enough arm to stay at third. His hands are fine, too, but there is some question whether his range will be enough to stay at the position, especially as he matures. No matter, though, his bat will play just fine at whatever position his future team wants him to play.