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White Sox Dynamic Deals

Postseason Chase

Throughout the 2012 season, the White Sox will offer special

 •  The White Sox will dynamically price tickets to all 81 home games in 2012.

 •  The dynamic pricing of tickets will be based on a variety of market factors.

 •  Dynamic pricing allows the White Sox to accurately price tickets in real time.

 •  The dynamic pricing of tickets starts on Friday, February 3, when individual game tickets go on sale to the general public - and some tickets will be as much as 30 percent off.

 •  Buying tickets early guarantees the best seats available and, in many cases, the best price throughout the season.

 •  Fans are encouraged to purchase tickets for high-demand games as early as possible, as prices are expected to increase as the season progresses.

 •  As the season progresses, ticket prices will be adjusted, either upward or downward, based on market demand.

 •  The ability for the White Sox to adjust prices during the season provides all fans with a variety of pricing options.

 •  Dynamic pricing provides more access to White Sox Baseball at a variety of price points.

Dynamic Pricing
deals for specific games and seating locations. These deals can change at any time, so check back often - and make sure to purchase tickets quickly to get the best deal!

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