Posted 6/5/12 at 1:30 AM

And in this perfect weather, we'll take BP together

In Cincinnati for the latest stop on their worldwide I'm With You tour, the Red Hot Chili Peppers hit the cages Tuesday before the Reds met the Pirates at Great American Ballpark. Bronson Arroyo, an old friend of guiarist Josh Klinghoffer, arranged the session.

“Dude, that was great,” said bassist Michael “Flea” Balzary. “Shagging balls in the field was almost as fun as hitting and fouling the balls right into the net. Me and Dusty [Baker] had a closed-door meeting about me playing for the team.”

No band member launched a ball out of the Stadium Arcadium or went under the bridge crossing the Ohio River, but they nearly clocked a few over the GABP fence.

Arroyo, who played music with Klinghoffer "back in the day" released his debut album, Covering the Bases, in 2005 and did music video commercials for Cincinnati’s JTM Food Group in 2008.

“Chili Peppers were obviously a huge group in the '90s, along with Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots,” Arroyo said. “To get to hang out with these guys and take BP with them is definitely one of the top things on my list of unforgettable moments.”

-- Will Frasure

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