Posted 5/31/12 at 2:55 PM

High socks equal higher batting average for B.J. Upton

Many Major Leaguers are creatures of superstition, with various rituals they'll add or drop from their ballpark routines based on how they're performing on the field.

B.J. Upton seems to fall into that group.

The folks at Rays Index crunched the numbers and found that Tampa Bay's center fielder is hitting .309 in 14 games when he's worn his socks high this season but only .263 in 22 contests with a long-pants look.

After seeing RI's tweet with the info, Upton let them know he'll be rocking the high socks -- old-school stirrups, specifically -- for the rest of the season.

But you have to wonder -- will Bossman stick with that fashion statement if he ever finds himself in a deep slump?

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