Posted 5/6/12 at 1:50 AM

FAIR or FOUL? The Moose Man's got style

What's the plural of moose? Moosen?

All Brian Regan jokes aside, this dedicated Mariners supporter, known as the "Moose Man," has 248 Mariner Moose attached to his body -- each numbered on their jersey sleeves.

And that total doesn't even include the rally Moose that he carries, or the three larger moose strapped to his legs.

Now, this is no fair-weather fan -- sorry, couldn't resist a "Seattle is rainy" jab. A fixture at Safeco Field, George King needs to wrap a belt around himself three times to support the 32 pounds of moose that rest across his body.

It seems King is still able to walk and maneuver around in his, ahem, garment, so we'll give him a passing grade for flexibility and a 10 out of 10 for creativity. As for style points? That's not our call.

What say you, baseball fans? Is the Moose Man's garb FAIR or FOUL?

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