5/16/12 - Brandon Inge on facing Brandon Inge
Brandon In appeared on Intentional talk on Tuesday and revealed his 12-pack.
5/13/12 - FACT: Brandon Inge still has his Tigers suitcase
It might be time for Brandon Inge to do some luggage shopping.
5/11/12 - Because Jeff Francoeur already claimed Tuesdays ...
A's outfielder/WWE aficionado Josh Reddcik declared Title Thursday in Oakland.
5/9/12 - Strange life-size monkey attends A's game
One fan decided to come to the A's game as a monkey. She was then asked to leave. Maybe monkeys need tickets too?
5/8/12 - Jemile Weeks is always a step ahead of the game
In a new A's ad campaign, we see that Jemile Weeks' need for speed extends into every aspect of his life.
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