5/24/12 - Miller Park hot dog-eating record falls yet again
Young fan Dylan Meyer and four friends set a new mark by downing 42 $1 dogs on Wednesday.
5/24/12 - It's the end of a facial hair era ...
John Axford's legendary 'stache is apparently no more.
5/23/12 - Charles Woodson drops back for first pitch at Miller Park
The Packers defensive back tossed out first pitches with both a football and a baseball on Wednesday.
5/22/12 - The Rally Banana: For when an inside-out hat just isn't enough
Someone should remind Teddy Kervin that Wisconsin is known for cheese, not tropical fruit.
5/22/12 - Luckily they all have their hearts set on different Brewers
Hey Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks and Nyjer Morgan -- Karly, Kristin & Heather are on the prowl.
5/22/12 - Brewers fans give Kobayashi a run for his money
Five fans at Miller Park downed a combined 41 hot dogs on Monday.
5/14/12 - How does Aaron Rodgers keep his arm in shape?
By throwing batting practice to that other MVP in Wisconsin.
5/12/12 - John Axford leaves a note after wife goes into labor
Ducking interviews after a blown save? Nope -- the Brewers closer had a legit excuse for racing out of Miller Park last night.
5/9/12 - BUSTED on Senior Skip Day at Miller Park
Now this is our kind of Senior Skip Day.
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