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STM Testimonials

"Response time and care for my personal issues/questions has been above and beyond how I would have expected to be treated. First class organization when it comes to customer service."

- Justin Weiss

"My season ticket experience is VERY good and those associated with organization are TOP notch!"

- Tema Systems, Inc. Jim Garner

"Great job of being helpful, Go Reds! This is a top notch organization. Keep up the good work."

"I am very happy with my experience. Other sports teams I deal with could take lessons in how to run an organization from the Reds."

- Michael Winland

"Extremely happy with my season tickets. I truly want to take this opportunity also to thank Mr. Castellini & Mr Jocketty for what they have done with this team. I have been a Reds fan for over 45 yrs & the team is finally getting back to my favorite teams from the mid-late 70's! They have worked very hard and at least to this ticket holder, it is really appreciated."

- Jeanne Steltenkamp

"The customer service that I receive from the Reds is the best that I have received in my adult life. I feel that customer service in general has declined in recent years, so it is very refreshing."

- Sara Ziegler

"Most exciting summer of my life. Have enjoyed attending every game. Love being a Reds season ticket holder and looking forward to renewing in 2014."

- Daniel Goodman