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Meet Your Membership Services Team

We appreciate the opportunity to get to know you personally. Your Member Services Team's highest priority is providing the very best customer service to you while keeping you informed of all your exclusive benefits. Contact us at or 513-765-7500 (option 2).

Eric Keller
  • (513) 765-7054
    • Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    • College/University: Muskingum College
    • Batting Intro Song: "Lose Yourself" - Eminem
    • Fave Ballpark Food: Cheddarwurst or Bratwurst
    • Date You Were Drafted By The Reds: Februrary, 2000
    • Favorite Ballpark Memory: I actually have two: the last game in Cinergy in 2002 and the first game of Great American Ball Park in 2003
Liz Romes
  • (513) 765-7972
    • Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
    • College/University: Xavier University
    • Batting Intro Song: "Voodoo Child" - Jimi Hendrix
    • Fave Ballpark Food: CPretzel with Cheese
    • Date You Were Drafted By The Reds: May, 2010
    • Favorite Ballpark Memory: First time walking on the field. Celebrating Jay Bruce walk off home run to clinch NL Central
Jimmy Dollard Memeber SERVICES REP.
Jimmy Dollard
  • (513) 765-7964
    • Hometown: Downers Grove, IL
    • College/University: Xavier University
    • Batting Intro Song: Jay Z On to the Next One
    • Fave Ballpark Food: Nachos
    • Date You Were Drafted By The Reds: January, 2013
    • Favorite Ballpark Memory: Pitching in/winning the Illinois high school state semifinal's game

Mason Smith Member SERVICES REP.
Mason Smith
  • (513) 765-7973
    • Hometown: Lebanon, Ohio
    • College/University: Northern Kentucky University
    • Batting Intro Song: "Bawitdaba" Kid Rock
    • Fave Ballpark Food: Skyline Cheese Coney
    • Date You Were Drafted By The Reds: April 2015
    • Favorite Ballpark Memory: Watching Homer Baily throw a no hitter.

Jacob Swartz, Member SERVICES REP.
Jacob Swartz
  • (513) 765-7126
    • Hometown: Pickerington, OH
    • College/University: University of Dayton
    • Batting Intro Song: "Come With Me Now" - Kongos
    • Fave Ballpark Food: Hot dog and nachos
    • Date You Were Drafted By The Reds: May 2015
    • Favorite Ballpark Memory: Seeing a walk-off win at Fenway Park 4th of July weekend

Eric Huffman, Member ACCOUNT EXEC.
Eric Huffman
  • (513) 765-7979
    • Hometown: Flushing, Michigan
    • College/University: DePaul University & Northern Illinois University
    • Batting Intro Song: "Machinehead" - Bush
    • Fave Ballpark Food: Frisch's Big Boy
    • Date You Were Drafted By The Reds: July, 2014
    • Favorite Ballpark Memory: July 11, 2014 when Billy Hamilton laid down a bunt and avoided the tag on the way to first base.

CONTACT US: or 513-765-7500

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