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What did professional baseball look like in Cincinnati in 1869? Brothers George and Harry Wright ruled the ball field, leading the 1869 Red Stockings to an undefeated season that spanned the United States. Players wore no gloves, and the uniforms and rules of the game were a bit different from what you'll see at Great American Ball Park today.

The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum's 1869 Red Stockings vintage baseball team endeavors to bring this history to life through various events and activities that further its mission, expose that history and vintage baseball to new audiences, and bring attention to the Hall of Fame, while engaging Reds fans everywhere. And, as we approach the 150th Anniversary of our famed Red Stockings, this team will play an even greater role in supporting the Hall.

Our Red Stockings are available for events and appearances, and they play in various exhibition games at Great American Ball Park as well as around Reds Country. Additionally, they conduct fundraising activities to support the Reds Hall of Fame and other organizations.

Interested in learning more about the Hall of Fame's 1869 Red Stockings, want to check out a game, or think you can pick up a bat and play vintage baseball? Please contact Doug Rowe at 859-801-3084 for more information.

1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings Schedule - 2018 season

June 20 at GABP at 11:00am vs Moscow Monarchs
June 23 at Shaker Village at 1:00pm AND 3:00pm vs. Bluegrass Barons
June 24 at Lexington Waveland Festival at 1:00pm AND 3:00pm
July 14 at Morehead Chapter (time TBD)
July 15 at City Gospel Mission (time TBD)
July 27 at Moscow Festival (time TBD)
August 4 at VA DOM Ft Thomas at 2:00pm
August 5 at Columbus German Village at 1:00pm
August 5 at Lexington (time TBD)
September 23 at Columbus Capital Festival at 1:00pm

*Schedule subject to change

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