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1905  - Oct. 3: Cy Seymour wins the NL batting title and sets the club record with a .377 batting average for the season.
1912  - April 11: Redland Field (later known as Crosley Field) hosts its first game as the Reds beat Chicago, 10-6. The official dedication of the ballpark comes the following month on May 18.
1919  - Oct. 9: Cincinnati claims its very first World Series Championship in Game 8 of the bestof- nine series against the Chicago White Sox. On Sept. 24, 1920, the title is tarnished as several members of the White Sox are suspended for allegedly "throwing" the Series. Cincinnati insists the club would have won anyway.
1934  - April 16: The Cincinnati Reds board of directors rename Redland Field “Crosley Field” in honor of new team owner Powel Crosley Jr. Crosley, a radio tycoon, bought the team earlier in the year on Feb. 4, assuring that the team, which had been hit hard by the Depression, would stay in Cincinnati.

June 8: The Reds become the first team in Major League history to use an airplane to travel from one city to another (Cincinnati to Chicago).

1935  - May 24: The first night game in Major League history is played at Crosley Field. The Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 2-1, before 20,422 fans.
1937  - Jan. 27: Crosley Field’s playing surface is submerged under 21 feet of water due to local creek flooding. Reds pitcher Lee Grissom and groundskeeper Matty Schwab are photographed in a rowboat crossing the playing surface.
1938  - June 15: Johnny Vander Meer makes baseball history by pitching a second consecutive no-hitter during a 6- 0 win over the Dodgers in Brooklyn. Four days earlier, he held the Boston Braves hitless during a 3-0 win at Crosley Field.

July 6: Crosley Field plays host to the sixth annual All-Star Game. Ernie Lombardi, Paul Derringer, Ival Goodman, Frank McCormick and Johnny Vander Meer represent the Reds on the NL squad. Vander Meer tosses three scoreless innings as the NL wins, 4-1.

1939  - Sept. 28: The Reds clinch their first NL pennant in 20 years with a 5-3 win over the Cardinals at Crosley Field. The AL Champion Yankees would eventually sweep Cincinnati in the World Series.
1940  - Aug. 3: Reds catcher Willard Hershberger commits suicide midseason and becomes the first big leaguer ever to take his own life during the season.

Oct. 8: After winning their second NL pennant in a row, Cincinnati grabs the World Championship, defeating the Tigers, 2-1, in Game 7 of the World Series.

1869-1899 | 1900-1940 | 1941-1980 | 1981-Present