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1869-1899 | 1900-1940 | 1941-1980 | 1981-Present
1869  -

May 4: The 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first all-professional nine, kick off their first regular season with a 45-9 win over the Great Westerns of Cincinnati.
1869  - Nov. 6: In the final official match of the season, the Red Stockings defeat the Mutuals of New York, 17-8, on Union Grounds. Baseball’s first team of professionals finished the season with a perfect 57-0 record.
1870  - June 14: The Red Stockings' winning streak ends at 81 games as Cincinnati falls to the Brooklyn Atlantics, 8-7, in extra innings in Brooklyn.
1876  - Feb. 2: The National League is formed in New York City with Cincinnati as a charter member. The other cities in the league include Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, Hartford, Louisville, New York and Philadelphia.
1880  - Oct. 8: Cincinnati is expelled from the NL, due in part to its refusal to stop renting out their ballpark on Sundays and to cease selling beer during games.
1881  - Nov. 2: The American Association is formed during a meeting at the Gibson Hotel in Cincinnati. The Reds would play their next eight seasons in the league.
1889  - April 17: The first Opening Day “festivities” are seen in Cincinnati. Ballpark decorations and a pre-game concert by the Cincinnati Orchestra greet fans before the opener.

Nov. 14: Cincinnati is granted re-admission to the NL, joining Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

1891  - April 22: The first Opening Day parade is organized by new team owner John T. Brush. The parade consists of Webber’s military band and two large horse-drawn wagons, called Tallyho’s, which were occupied by the Reds and their opponents, the Cleveland Spiders.
1869-1899 | 1900-1940 | 1941-1980 | 1981-Present