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Rosie Red

Get to know Rosie Red!

Rosie Red

Height: 5'11"

Weight: You should know better than to ask that!

Education: Following in her grandmother's footsteps, Rosie went to CHEER (College for High Energy and Entertainment Routines). She's ready after several years of rigorous training to take the field with mascot veterans Gapper and Mr. Redlegs!

Hero: Her grandmother, Rosie, whom she is named after.

Interests: Playing catch, throwing someone out at home, beating Mr. Redlegs and Mr. Red at the Mr. Red Race, dancing on the dugouts and hanging out with her friends.

Rosie Red's Story

The story of Rosie Red began many years ago when the first Rosie Red cheered the Reds to the 1939 National League pennant and then to the 1940 World Series championship. Those legendary Reds squads included Ernie Lombardi, Bucky Walters and Paul Derringer, fan favorites who joined with Rosie to ignite a passion throughout Reds Country.

After many years leading the charge with Reds fans, Rosie passed the torch to a new line of rooters and decided to start a family. She gave birth to a daughter, Raquel, who she hoped would continue in her footsteps one day. Instead, Raquel decided to pursue fame and fortune somewhere else - Hollywood.

Despite landing roles every mascot actress dreamed of, Raquel always thought of the fun her mother had with Reds fans and the smiles she brought to fans of all ages. When she had her own daughter, Raquel named her Rosie in honor of her mother and from a very young age told young Rosie about her grandmother's contributions to the history of the Reds and the game of baseball.

Growing up, young Rosie had only one goal - to one day step onto the field as a Cincinnati Reds mascot and continue the legacy her grandmother began.

She became the youngest student in the history of the famed College of High Energy and Entertainment Routines (CHEER) in the Midwest. She spent hours upon hours learning her craft, practicing her cheers over and over again in front of invisible crowds. She built up stamina and endurance to reach her peak physical condition in preparation for a full season of Reds home games and events in the hot Cincinnati summer.

Now, with her grandmother's inspiration fueling her, Rosie Red has completed her training and joined the Reds family at Great American Ball Park. A new crop of Reds fans will enjoy the re-birth of a Queen City icon - the next generation of Rosie Red!

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