Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Redsfest?

  • Redsfest is the official annual winter warm-up of the Cincinnati Reds. Traditionally held in early December at the Duke Energy Convention Center, this event features games and activities for kids of all ages, including interaction with past, current and future stars of the Cincinnati Reds.

Who is the beneficiary of Redsfest?

  • Reds Community Fund - Since its inception in 2001, the Community Fund has been dedicated to improving the lives of youth through its baseball-themed outreach efforts.
    • Programs include the P&G Cincinnati MLB Urban Youth Academy, year-round baseball and softball instruction through sport clinics, individual and small group instruction for kids ages 3-18. The Academy also provides educational and vocational support for its members; Reds Rookie Success League, a free, coed, character-building program for 6-13 year olds in Greater Cincinnati, Butler County, Clermont County, Louisville and Dayton; Reds Youth Baseball, which underwrites expenses for over 750 inner-city baseball and softball teams throughout Reds Country; and Field Renovation, which has helped restore more than 350 baseball fields. Including the Youth Baseball Match and Greater Cincinnati RBI programs, more than 45,000 kids and coaches will be connected to the baseball-themed outreach efforts of the Reds Community Fund in 2017.
    • If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please visit or make checks payable to the Reds Community Fund and mail to: Reds Community Fund, Great American Ball Park, 100 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Where can I purchase tickets for Redsfest?

  • At Great American Ball Park
  • Online at
  • At the Duke Energy Convention Center starting at 9:00AM on Friday, December 2 and 7:00AM on Saturday, December 3

How much do Redsfest tickets cost?

  • Ticket Prices:
    • Adults – $25 for 2-day pass; $17 for 1-day pass
    • Kids (ages 12 and younger) – $12 for 2-day pass; $7 for 1-day pass
  • All paid two-day Redsfest ticket purchases include two free tickets to the game on April 5 vs Philadelphia.
  • All paid one-day Redsfest ticket purchases includes one free ticket to the game on April 5 vs. Philadelphia.

How do I redeem my free ticket(s) to the game on April 5 vs Philadelphia?

  • For those with paid two-day Redsfest ticket purchases, April 5 game tickets will be mailed out with your Redsfest tickets
  • For those with paid one-day Redsfest ticket purchases, April 5 game tickets will print out automatically after Redsfest tickets for online purchases
  • For those purchasing Redsfest tickets at the event, April 5 game tickets will be handed out at time of purchase

At what age does a child require a ticket to enter?

  • Children ages 3 and younger do not need a Redsfest ticket as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult

What are the hours of Redsfest?

  • Events and activities are planned on Friday, December 2 from 3:00-10:30PM
  • Events and activities are planned on Saturday, December 3 from 11:00AM-6:30PM.

What time do doors open for the Redsfest main floor and how do I know if they'll open early?

  • Friday: Doors open for the main floor at 3:00 PM
  • Saturday: Doors open for the main floor at 11:00 AM
  • We plan to open doors to the main floor at these specified times; however, if the crowd size outside the main floor doors dictates it so, we will open sooner in accordance with Cincinnati Fire Code.
  • The doors for the Duke Energy Convention Center, at the corner of 5th Street and Elm Street, as well as the door that leads from the 6th Street parking garage will open at 9:00AM on Friday, December 2 and 7:00AM on Saturday, December 3. Fans will need to have a valid Redsfest ticket in order to gain entrance to the convention center. If fans plan on purchasing tickets to Redsfest at the convention center on the dates of the event, they will be able to do so in a separate line starting at the listed times. It is recommended that fans purchase their tickets in advance of the event for the smoothest entry possible.    

Where's the best place to park?

  • There are several surface lots and parking garages surrounding the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Inspection Procedures

  • NEW FOR REDSFEST 2016: All fans will be required to pass through metal detection upon arrival to the Duke Energy Convention Center. In accordance with Major League Baseball’s bag size recommendations and facility policies, carry-in items will be subject to physical inspection by event staff. Carry-in items larger than 16”x16”x8” will not be permitted.

Can I bring in bags, backpacks and purses?

  • Yes; however, in accordance with Major League Baseball’s bag size recommendations & facility policies, all carry-in items (including rolling or duffel bags) larger than (16" x 16” x 8") will not be permitted in the Duke Energy Convention Center. We apologize for any inconveniences this policy may cause; however, the bag size limitations are required to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our fans and attendees of Redsfest.

Can I bring a bat with me to have autographed?

  • Wooden bats being brought in for autograph purposes are permitted at entry.

Can I bring my drone?

  • The use of drones is prohibited at Redsfest.

Can I wear a mask/bodysuit?

  • Masks and bodysuits are not permitted at Redsfest.

Code of Conduct

  • The Duke Energy Convention Center and the Cincinnati Reds are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience at Redsfest. Our staff will act to support an environment where:
    • Guests will enjoy the Redsfest experience free from foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.
    • Intervention with an unruly, impaired or intoxicated Guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
    • Obscene or indecent clothing will not detract from the Guest experience.
    • Guests will refrain from displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting.
    • The Reds encourage all fans to act in a safe and orderly manner while attending Redsfest. We ask that no guests run across the event floor for any reason due to the potential cause of injury to themselves or other guests attending the event.

Concealed Handguns Policy

  • Pursuant to State of Ohio R.C. 2923.126(B) the possession of firearms is prohibited in the facility with the following exceptions, (i) licensed peace officers, licensed honorably retired peace officers, licensed protection professionals (with prior approval) and (ii) exhibitors during duly licensed gun shows (with prior approval).
  • Please contact Ebony Gordon, DECC Security Manager to verify credentials at least 5 days prior - (513) 419-7322 or

Are animals allowed at Redsfest?

  • Duke Energy Convention Center welcomes Seeing Eye Dogs or other animal assistance utilized by the disabled or visually impaired. All other animals are prohibited.

Are strollers allowed at Redsfest?

  • The Duke Energy Convention Center welcomes guests that bring and utilize their own strollers; however, the use of strollers should not in any way inhibit guest movement or block aisles. Strollers are not available to rent. Strollers may be subject to search by event staff.

Are wheelchairs available to rent?

  • Wheelchairs are not available to rent.

How many giveaways will be at the door each day?

  • The first 11,000 fans in attendance each day will receive a free Redsfest giveaway including a Redsfest drawstring bag and a pair of Reds socks.

Does everyone get a lanyard?

  • Season Ticket Members receive a lanyard along with those fans who have purchased a Redsfest 2-Day pass. Lanyards can be redeemed at Main Entrance at the corner of 5th Street and Elm Street, as well as the door that leads from the 6th Street parking garage.

Is there a coat check?

  • There is a coat check for $2 per item located on the main floor.

What is your reentry policy?

  • Reentry to the convention center is only permitted if you have both your ticket AND hand stamped prior to exiting at one of the designated areas.  Stamps are available near the bag/lanyard redemption area at the corner of 5th Street and Elm Street and at the bag /lanyard redemption area near the 6th Street parking garage. This will allow you to regain access without having to purchase an additional ticket to the event. There are separate stamps for Friday and Saturday. 

Where can I find a map of Redsfest before I get to the event?

  • A map of Redsfest will be available on the website a couple of weeks before the event.

Are the activities at Redsfest free?

  • The majority of activities at Redsfest are free. Certain activities do require a donation to the Reds Community Fund to participate.

Does every player attend Redsfest?

  • All players are asked to attend Redsfest; however, some have certain circumstances that prevent them from attending. You can find the most up-to-date list of players schedules to appear at

What different types of autograph sessions are there and do all players participate?

  • There are different types of autograph sessions - general public, season-ticket-holders-only, kids-only (17 years old or younger) and an online autograph opportunity. Each player participates in at least 1 session per day of Redsfest that they attend. There are 225 autographs per session. The online autograph opportunities are awarded in advance of Redsfest – throw your name in the mix by registering at

How is the schedule announced for players participating in autographs/photographs?

  • Autograph/photograph schedules will be announced 30 minutes prior to the start of each session. The schedule will be displayed on the TVs throughout Redsfest and also on the Reds official twitter account @Reds. Additionally, by texting REDSFEST to 66128, text alerts for autograph signings will be sent to your phone.

How do the autograph sessions work?

  • For each autograph session, the player will sign for 225 people. This will be a hard cutoff number and no more fans will be allowed an autograph after 225 people are in line.

How does the kids-only autograph line work?

  • This line is for children 17 and younger. Each child is allowed to get 1 item signed per autograph session. Parents are permitted to stand with their children; however, parents are not allowed to seek autographs for themselves.

How many items can I get autographed?

  • Each person is allowed to get 1 item signed per autograph session.

Can I reserve a spot in line for an autograph?

  • You cannot reserve a spot in line for an autograph. Once you leave the line for any reason, you are not permitted to come back to your spot.

How does the photograph session work?

  • The photograph sessions will be open for 50 minutes each. As many fans that can get through the line at that time are allowed a photograph. Photograph booth #2 and #3 are both free and require you to bring your own camera. Photograph booth #4 is free to Reds Season Ticket Members only. For information on Photograph booth #1, please see the next question. 

Why do you charge for Photograph Booth #1 and the others are free?

  • Photograph booth #1 takes the photo for you and provides an instant print-out for a $10 donation to the Reds Community Fund. Other photograph booths require you to bring your own camera and no print-out is provided.

What are the policies for fans attending the event that require the use of a wheelchair?

  • Fans requiring the use of a wheelchair will be permitted to go to the front of the autograph line, as long as they are included in the first 225 number of fans in line according to the autograph policy. Once the autograph line is full, nobody else will be permitted an autograph. Autograph policies for all fans also apply to those in wheelchairs.

How do I sign up to play bingo?

How do I sign up to play poker?

Can I purchase a booth at Redsfest for my company?

Do I need to fill out a waiver for any activities?

  • All fans participating in physical interactives will be required to complete a waiver prior to joining in on the fun at Redsfest. Paper-form waivers will be located next to each interactive and one waiver can be completed for all activities.

Is anyone allowed to play on the indoor baseball fields inside Redsfest?

  • There will be set hours on both fields for Open Swing. Please check for the most up-to-date schedule

Can I join the fan clubs at Redsfest?

Can I purchase Reds Season Ticket Memberships at Redsfest?

  • Reds Season Ticket Memberships can be purchased at the Reds Ticket Booths located near the Information Booth on the Main Floor.

Can I buy single game tickets for the 2017 season at Redsfest?

  • Single game tickets are only available for the following games in April: April 5-6 vs Philadelphia and April 13-16 vs Milwaukee. In addition to those single game tickets, fans can purchase the following ticket packages: Theme Nights, Pick-6 Plan, Holiday Pack, VIP Packages and Flex Plans.

Can I purchase Reds merchandise at Redsfest?

  • Official Reds merchandise and game-used merchandise will be available for purchase on the Main Floor at Redsfest.

Are there ATMs at Redsfest?

  • ATMs are located on the Main Floor at Redsfest.

Is there food available for purchase?

  • The Duke Energy Convention Center will have concession stands with food available for purchase. There will also be select food vendors special to Redsfest.

Lost Children/Missing Persons

  • Guests should report a lost child/missing person at the Information Booth located in the center of the Main Floor at Redsfest. Guest Relations staff will work closely with the CPD and event staff to locate the missing individual(s).

Lost and Found

  • Guests may inquire about lost and found items at the Information Booth location in the center of the Main Floor at Redsfest. To inquire about a lost item after the conclusion of the event, guests may call 513- 765-7095. All lost items will be held for thirty (30) days.

Smoking and Tobacco Policy

  • In accordance with Chapter 3794 of the Ohio Revised Code, smoking and/or the distribution or sale of tobacco related products is strictly prohibited in the Facility.

Second Floor Access

  • The second floor of the Duke Energy Convention Center will once again feature special activations that are open to the public, including Mascot Meeting Rooms, kid-friendly interactives and new this year the popular Great American Ball Park feature - the Pampers Nursing Suite! There are also areas of the second floor that are only open to Season Ticket Members, special guests and winners of the online autograph opportunity held prior to the event. Event staff throughout the floor will help with any questions regarding access to these areas. 

Third Floor Access

  • The third floor will once again be the Reds Heads Fun Zone with a variety of kids interactives including a kids-programmed stage with special performances and player appearances, bounce houses, trampolines, playsets and photo opportunities with Santa Claus! 2017 Reds Heads kids club, Reds Rookies baby club and Club Red teen club memberships will also be available for purchase on the Third Floor!

How can I volunteer at Redsfest?

  • Volunteers are needed throughout the week for Redsfest gift bag assembly on Monday, November 28 through Wednesday, November 30, from 9:00AM-6:00PM at the Duke Energy Convention Center. We are no longer accepting any volunteers for the event itself as all positions have been filled. Please check for more information.