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Longest Home Runs

Top 10 Longest Home Runs at Great American Ball Park
Player Team/Opponent Pitcher Distance Date
1. Adam Dunn Dodgers Jose Lima 535 08/10/2004
2. Wily Mo Pena Astros Brandon Duckworth 498 04/17/2005
3. Reggie Abercrombie Marlins Michael Gosling 493 04/19/2006
4. Alfonso Soriano Nationals Brian Shackelford 492 05/09/2006
5. Derek Lee Cubs Matt Belisle 482 04/18/2005
6. Ryan Howard Phillies Kent Mercker 479 04/05/2008
     Adam Dunn Pirates John Grabow 479 04/06/2006
8. Albert Pujols Cardinals Danny Serafini 477 08/31/2003
9. Adam Dunn Cardinals Carmen Cali 474 05/04/2005
10. Ryan Ludwick Cardinals Homer Bailey 473 07/01/2007

(Note: Updated as of 9/15/2008. Home-run distances were not recorded from May 5-11, 2003, and July 4-29, 2003. List compiled by Reds Media Relations.)

How Far Did That Go?

Have you ever seen a home run that had you wondering it's distance? Well, wonder no more! With the Distance Calculator tool, you can find out the distance of any home run at Great American Ball Park - from home runs that skip off the top of the wall to Ruthian blasts that land in the river (hey, it could happen!).

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